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For the best web design project, contact the highly recommended IT support Portland can offer. Web design is crucial for the success of your business. And a professional IT knows that the technical development of a website does not only involve content management, writing codes, or creating wireframes. It is not all about the incorporation of buttons for social media. In fact, web design must encompass creating a website that aligns with the goal of your business.

Web design by the best IT professional

Your company website must have the capability to attract your target market through visuals and design, and can keep them interested by the informative and intriguing contents. It must be interactive and intuitive, and absolutely aligns with what your product is all about. And in order to achieve the most compelling and efficient website, you must hire the most highly regarded IT support Portland in the country. And when you do, they will follow a strict and proven process in creating a web design for you company. Let us go ahead and explore the step by step process of web designers.

Identification of goals

This is the initial phase of the web designing process, where your chosen IT expert determines what exactly it is that your company wants to achieve with the website. You must be open with your end goal, and make sure that you stick to your goals no matter what, because if you make changes along the way, the whole concept can be ruined.

For this first stage your web designer will need answers to the following queries:

  • Who is your target market?
  • What can site visitors find in your website?
  • What is the primary purpose of your website? Is it to provide information only, to provide entertainment, or to sell your company products?
  • Is this your primary company website, or is this a branding strategy?
  • Do you intend to include payment processing in this website?
  • Who are your competitors?

Your hired IT support Portland web designer must have clear answers to these questions. In short, you must know precisely what your end goal is, so your chosen professional IT team can do their work properly.

Web designer’s scope of work

It is quite normal for clients like you to change their minds and provide additional features to the commissioned website. However, you need to understand that any changes can delay the project. The web design team does not mind the extra work since it could mean extra money, but the timeframe can be sacrificed.

So before the work is started, create a contract that clearly states the scope of work for your selected web designers. Not only will transparency makes work faster to complete, but it provides consistency to the outcome of your website.

The trick here is to sit down with your web design team, and discuss all the necessary details of your website. Make a solid plan that will not change largely, though give a small space for modifications. By sticking to your goals, your IT support Portland web designer team can produce the best website with your original end game.

Creation of sitemap

A brilliant web design team understands the significance of a sitemap. This is the architectural placement of everything that you want to include in your website. Of course, you will be given access to the website sitemap prior to the actual creation of the website. You are guided as to where the buttons lead and where information are scattered. The numerous pages of the website are visible through the sitemap, so you know where your contents will go. In a nutshell, a sitemap in a website is similar to a blueprint in a house plan. A web design will never be complete without a sitemap.

Building a wireframe

A wireframe is a mockup framework of the website, and it is vital to allow you and the web designer access to the website’s visual structure. In this stage modification usually happens for the better. The IT support Portland web designers correct mistakes here, improve the site, and fill any gap in the site development.

Content creation

Now that your site already has structure, it is time to start writing informative contents. All the contents must be related to what you are selling. Website content brings your target audience in one platform. They interact with each other and with your company thanks to a common interest that is why it’s crucial to create the best content. Also, by integrating keywords in to you site contents, you get higher chances of ranking higher in search engines like Google.

Visual integration

After the content is set, the visual design of your website is next. The style is of course inspired and aligned by the mission and vision of your company, and closely related to what you are selling.

Website testing

Before the finalization of your website, a test launch is performed to ensure that everything is perfect. Your IT support Portland web design team will of course let you peruse and go through the website. And once you are completely satisfied with the site, final touches are made for the official launch of the website.

Website launch

And now the final phase of the web design is the launch of the website. This is the time when your website goes online and the whole world can access it. Of course, there must be proper keywords and SEO embedded in the page contents so your company website will show up in searches.

After the launch, you can truly test the efficiency of the website. It needs to load fast so your potential visitors will not leave. When your website is live, you need to continue feeding intriguing contents into your pages so your site will come up continuously in search landing pages. And of course, allow your IT support Portland team to monitor your website 24/7, to ensure that any technical issue is resolved.

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