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IT Support Portland: Tips On Balancing Screen & Offline Time

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IT Support Portland professionals are always looking at their screens, as you are well aware of. It is part of your job to face computer screens all day and night, depending on your work schedule. And in your line of profession, it usually happens that you do over time, and you probably work on weekends too. And though your job is your gateway to feeding yourself, your family, and loved ones, you also need to understand that too much screen time is absolutely unhealthy for your eyes, social life, family time, and your overall health. And so, it is crucial to find ways to manage your screen time and create balance for both screen and offline times. If you are spending too much time on your screens, then you are sacrificing a good night’s sleep, deplete your energy much too soon, and have less time with family and friends. So as an IT Support Portland professional, it is vital to find balance in all aspects of your work and personal life. And in this post, we will talk about the ways where you can pay attention to your work and still have time for yourself.

Manage work properly
In order to make sure that you will not work beyond the allotted time for office hours, you must create a strict schedule for your job. Make sure that you finish work within the working hours of the day and go home immediately on the dot. Do not delay your work, because doing so means that you will spend more time looking at your screens. So when you get to the office, do your job promptly, do your best to finish on time, and go home. Once you master the skill of completing your work on time, you are guaranteed to have less screen time with regards to your career as an IT Support Portland professional.

Take breaks
Every company in the world allocates break time for their employees, so take advantage of this. Your eyes and mind need to take a rest from time to time, so take your breaks on time. Your job involves computer screens, and your expertise is tied to technology and cybersecurity, so you need to protect the health of your eyes so you can do your job without problems of sight. Also, staring at computer screens can cause headaches, so it is best if you take a break at least three times a day. When you take a break, make sure that you go outside of your workplace. Go to the rooftop, or in the lobby, or anywhere near the office that drives you away from your computer screens. With your spare time, you can attend to your social life. Call your loved ones, talk on the phone, or simply have a conversation with your office mates. Even with just a couple of minutes, you are able to balance your screen and offline time as a dedicated IT Support Portland professional.

Bond with friends
It is important to keep your social life active, no matter how busy you are with work. And so to ensure that you create balance in your professional and personal life, make time for your friends after office hours. Go to a club, dine in restaurants, or whatever you usually do when you are out with friends. By making a schedule to bond with your friends, you are limiting your screen time and your social life benefits from it. When you are having fun, laughing, and joking with people you are close to, you are not in front of your computer, so your screen time is greatly reduced. So make it a point to meet up with your friends as many times as you can during the workweek and unwind.

Go on vacation
The stress of your work can greatly affect your state of mind, no matter how strong you are. So please make use of your vacation days from work, and use them wisely. As an IT Support Portland professional, it may be hard for you to have time for leisure, but you deserve to take a couple of days’ leave from work, so go for it. But when you go on a vacation, stay away from a laptop, and minimize your screen time with your phone. It would be best if you choose a place where there is no internet signal, so you can fully immerse yourself with nature and not worry about work. Better yet, bring someone with you on your trip, so you will have someone to relax with and talk to and distract you from using your technological gadgets.

Get a hobby
You absolutely love your work, and your career is extremely important to you. But you also have a life outside the office, and you must not sacrifice your personal life in order to further your career. Your job as an IT Support Portland professional takes too much of your time, so create a balance so you will not suffer loneliness or diseases in the future. Get yourself a good hobby that is not related to technology. For example, learn how to fish, or go camping, hiking, mountaineering, and even riding a bike is much better than having a hobby of online games. Indeed, it is important to have a hobby that is unrelated to your job, so you can truly create a balance between your screen and offline time. The point in creating a hobby that contradicts your profession is to put a huge space between your screen time and personal life. So you can excel in your career while you value the people who care for you. So get a hobby that involves having fun without the use of technology. But of course, do not abandon your phone since you need to document your adventures. And you do need your phone to contact people and places. But limit your phone time, and focus on the experience ahead as an IT Support Portland professional.

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