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IT Support Portland Specialists Explains Network Management

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IT Support Portland professionals offers a lot of services, and one of the most important services they provide is network management. It is the method of handling a company network and assessing it for any vulnerability, errors, and performance through the expert utilization of different tools, resources, and technologies in order to stay on top of the requirements of any business industry. The primary goal of network management is to make any network free from any weakness in order to ensure that black hat hackers cannot penetrate the network and exploit whatever sensitive data they can get their hands on. And in the modern world, there are a wide variety of tools that are used for successful network monitoring.

Four essential factors of the software for efficient network management

In network management, there are four vital aspects that IT Support Portland professionals use in order to perform network management, and these factors are fault identification, performance management, network provisioning, and maintaining QoS.

Fault identification

In providing solutions involving network management, the largest issue that ITs usually face is to proactively look for errors in the network before it can cause any damage to the network’s end users. It is crucial to use the best fault identification network management tool that can efficiently separate and find resolution to the faults found on the network. The software for network management can effectively raise the designated alarms in cases when there is a fault found in the network.

The network management software is capable of the following:

  • Create numerous starting points for the fault identification network performance metrics. 
  • Proactively inform the IT management team or company management department about real time violation of the metrics set for the network’s performance. The notifications are typically sent through SMS or email.
  • The network management software is able to handle SNMP traps, as well as issues with syslogs, and then create an instant alarm that enables the in charge IT Support Portland professional to do their job immediately.
  • The network alarms are logged spontaneously and categorized as tickets, and these tickets are recorded into the network management software’s service desk.

Network performance management

One of the software dedicated for network management handles the repair or fix process of faults that are recognized in the network. This process can be performed either through an automated method, or manually. And then after the troubleshooting process, the network is put back into its original state, or the software can actually enhance the condition of the network. In a nutshell, a network management software provides basic as well as innovative fixes for the errors found in the network through network management. These faults significantly lowers the overall performance of any network, that is why it is important to have a dedicated software for software management that can fix network errors through the use of:

  • Inbuilt software tools – the software to monitor that performance of a network includes reliable tools like MIB browser, ping, remote control, traceroute, and other troubleshooting tools that takes care of the network problems in terms of performance.
  • Management module – IT Support Portland professionals utilizes a certain kind of module that involves the configuration of network management. This kind of tool allows IT support to seamlessly handle configuration backups, let the network abide by the policies of the network management, and easily identify any modification in the network instantly.

Moreover, a thorough assessment of a network makes it possible for IT experts to determine if the network infrastructure is properly in range with the objectives of the business and in building a reliable and efficient strategy for network management.

Network provisioning

The technique of computing the load catered by the specific network is called network provisioning. And it determines the future requirements of the network, based on the existing performance or trend in the industry. Also, network provisioning includes the resources and tools that allow IT Support Portland professionals to have a reserved method to fix network faults.

Preserving QoS

As time passes, the performance of any network degrades considerably, and that is quite normal for any network and software. However, there is an option to preserve the performance of the network management system, and this is through the use of the best software for network management. Indeed, preserving the QoS is one of the ideal choices to maintain the quality of any network, even after years of operation. And with a well-maintained network means that the business can save a lot of money, and keep cyber criminals away.

Choosing the best tools for network monitoring

Network management requires the use of tools, and the following are how IT professionals choose their tools.

Basic network monitoring tools

The best tool for network monitoring includes basic elements such as usage, availability, and network bandwidth. It is vital for IT support Portland experts to select a network tool that has the basic features that can be used for enhanced network management.

AI and Machine Learning

These technologies are reliant on the network data, and they can easily work in any environment. The AI and machine learning network can successfully offer recommendations that are given based on the current network data.


Automation is all about proactive monitoring, which leads to determining the network problem, and find fixes to increase the performance of the network.


The inclusion of kind of tool allows IT professionals to create more visibility in network monitoring. The flexibility of this tool paves the way to make the network stronger and improve the network performance.


In choosing a monitoring tool, it is important to consider the scalability of the network, so the network monitoring tool can effortlessly adapt to the requirements, and demands of the network users or company. By taking in consideration the network scalability, network management increases the production of the company, and the most trustworthy IT Support Portland professionals can absolutely determine the importance of this feature and choose the right network tool.

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