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IT Support Portland Specialists: Dealing With An Impatient Boss

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As an IT Support Portland specialist, you have superior technology, hardware, software, and cybersecurity expertise. You come to work and do your job, but sometimes you get deeply affected by your boss’s high-tempered personality. It does not matter if you did an excellent job or a wrong judgment. Your superior seems always to find reasons to bark at you and get angry at the world. But, your years of experience in the IT industry should have taught you that ill-mannered bosses are always present no matter what industry or company you work for. And so, instead of praying for a miracle that your boss will change, which is highly unlikely, what you can do is change or modify your strategy to survive a day in a harsh environment. Let us discuss the things that you can do to continue to be productive as an IT Support Portland specialist under your boss’s angry high temperament.

Leave your heart at the door.

The best thing you can do whenever you come to work is to leave your heart at the door. Just it up when you go at the end of the day. It means that when you come to the office, keep an intelligent and analytical mind, but keep your emotions in check. Your boss is who he is, and there is nothing you can do about it. Unless you have the courage or the death wish to lose your job, you simply cannot go to your boss and tell him that his attitude sucks. He is the superior of you, after all. And as a subordinate, you can either live with it or submit your letter of resignation. But of course, you need the job badly since it is hard to find a new job as an IT Support Portland specialist because of the current trend in the economy. So the best thing to do is leave your heart behind and never get affected by however your boss acts. No matter how high tempered he is, he is still human, and he probably feels terrible about what he does but fails to show it or ask for an apology for it. So be the better person and do your job without creating a commotion inside the office. 

Never talk back to your boss.

Your boss is in a position to fire you from your job, especially if he is the owner of the company. So no matter how angry he gets, as long as he is not physically abusing you, take it in and do your work. No matter how tempting it is, never talk back to your boss. It could be humiliating to be the punching bag of your superior’s anger, especially in front of your colleagues, but extend your patience even longer. You need to understand that talking back may save your pride, but it may not keep your job. So unless you have a better job offer from another IT Support Portland company, just perform your tasks well and never put more flames on the lousy temperament of your superior. However, in order to alleviate your hidden feelings of anger and despair, you can go to a quiet place later on, like a rooftop or an empty field, and cry your heart out. Shout all you want, but make sure that you are indeed alone. Release your pent-up emotions, throw a rock at the sea, or go boxing, or workout in the gym. But again, whatever you do, never talk back to your boss.

Provide solutions to the issue at hand

It is quite familiar for people to get angry, and in any office setting, the bosses are packed with problems and issues since he is managing the whole office or IT Support Portland company. And so you must always put yourself in your boss’s shoes and instead of antagonizing him or talking behind his back, you should help in reducing his worries. Your boss is not insane. There is a reason, or there are reasons why he is that way. What you can do is help him sort things out. As an employee, you have an idea of what riles him up since you are aware of what is going on in the office. So on your own, look for ways to remedy the problem, and present them to your boss. You will surely be amazed by the transformation. Instead of getting angry more, your boss may actually praise you for doing a great job at aiding him to solve the issues of the company or problems with your clients. So it is indeed ideal to think ahead and find solutions ahead of time. Who knows, you may even get a promotion soon because you are concerned about the company.

Just smile

Smile. It is effortless to do, even if you are faking it. Everyone can do it, even in the direst circumstances. Even if your boss is already growing horns with anger, you keep your head bowed and smiled at him when you meet his eyes. The world of the IT Support Portland industry is not easy, and it can take a toll on companies’ management. So keep your cool, and smile whenever possible. Let your boss and colleagues know that you do not promote hate or revenge in your heart. When you smile despite the challenging situation, your boss will, later on, realize how cool-headed you are and may even begin to admire your calm personality. So no matter how angry you also become, just smile. Show the world that you want to live in harmony and peace, and you have no intention of getting into a fighting match with anybody, let alone with someone who signs your paycheck. So smile, regardless of what the day brings. Be optimistic with your IT work and continue to perform best as an IT Support Portland professional.

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