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IT Support Portland Specialist Job Must Ask Questions for Interview

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Your job is to conduct interviews for future IT support Portland Specialists. And in order to do your job right, you need to have a list of questions that will help you determine if the applicants are fit for the job. Let us look into a couple of questions that you should ask, and why you must ask them.

What is your IT security background?

It is crucial to find out the experience of the applicant. Though you have that information in front of you, you must ask this question in order to gauge the communication skills of the aspiring IT support specialist. You must make sure that your IT service company only hires applicants who are good with their interpersonal skills, because they can communicate better and your company can be confident in handing over projects to them. Also, by letting the applicants tell you about their background, you can find out if they are telling the truth in their resume, or if they are fabricating information just to get the IT support Portland Specialist position.

What are the different software packages you have utilized in your IT support experience?

This question is intended to allow you to find out if the software packages that the applicants are familiar with are the same as what your company uses. You can figure out if the applicants are used to using the same software packages, so you can spend less time training them with unfamiliar software packages. Allow them to explain the software packages they have used, including the versions and check how expert they are with the usage.

Are you into on-site IT solutions or is your preference gear more to a cloud-based solution?

You need to understand how skilled the applicants are with both kinds of data storage, and check how comfortable they are with the use of both. The best candidates for the IT support Portland Specialist job are those who are comfortable in utilizing on-site storage, and equally skilled and at ease in using a cloud-based system. So if your IT support company is utilizing both, the applicants can be assigned to either project. Also, they can be useful in transitioning from one to another storage system.

How do you keep up with the evolving world of technology?

Technology never stops evolving and you need to understand how the applicants are keeping themselves updated with the latest trends in the IT industry. This is your chance to find out if the applicants are sticking to the old ways and not adapting to the new technology. Id the applicants are not accepting the new systems, software, and generally everything new about IT and cybersecurity, then they are not a good fit for the job. Look for IT applicants who are passionate about their work, and who are eager to learn new things and use the most advanced technology to perform their job. That is the kind of IT support Portland Specialists that will help bring your IT company to the top of the pedestal.

Tell me about an unsuccessful IT project and what you did to make things right.

No IT support has excellent and spotless performance record. No matter how good they are, they have encountered some failures, no matter how small. So you need to know the failures of your applicants to see if they are stubborn and proud enough to deny their previous mistakes, or would they be honest and brave enough to admit their failures and share how they overcame the desperate situations. As an interviewee it is better to have applicants who made mistakes and made up for it and told you about them, than hire applicants who lie and claims to be perfect at their previous jobs. In the IT industry, accountability is very important. So you must never skip this inquiry whenever you process an interview.

What are the different online resources that you typically use to aid your job?

Every IT support Portland Specialist utilizes the internet to perform their jobs well. You must ask your applicants what they normally use as online resources so you can gauge their expertise on using the web to get their work done properly. The information you get from this line of questioning allows you to find out if the online resources they are using are the same things that your company allows your IT support specialists to use to resolve issues with regards to IT, cybersecurity, and protection against cyber criminals. Dig deeper into their answers, and check how they maximize the use of their preferred online resources to fight against black hat hackers. This will give you an insight on how the applicants can think fast and provide instant resolutions to technical issues.  

Explain cybersecurity to me as if I am not a techy person.

This may be a simple exercise during an interview, but it is actually a crucial part of your interview process. By making the applicants explain cybersecurity in terms that a non-techy person can understand, then you can find out how they will fare when they are faced with real live clients who do not have backgrounds in IT. As IT support Portland Specialists, it is best to lay off the jargons and techy language when talking to clients. And how the applicants explain cybersecurity to you will give you an idea about how they will do in the field.

Why should we hire you?

This is a basic question that is often asked in most interview rooms in different industries. It is a crucial question that allows you to find out the true intentions of the applicants, and they see themselves. You can be facing egotistical ITs who re self-serving, or you could be facing genuine people with honest purposes for wanting to be the new IT support Portland Specialists in your company. And in this question you can conclude the interview and discuss your decision with colleagues.

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