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IT Support Portland Software Developer Job Description

If you are looking for a career in IT support, Portland IT companies do offer many job positions including software developer. This job involves the development of the software concept, building the software design, and execution of the modified or new software. As a software developer you are required to work closely with the Development managers and Business Analysts in order to make sure that the development of the software creation project meets all the strict requirements. Creating a safe and harmonious working relation with the other crucial departments in the project ensures that the software creation is smooth and can meet the deadline.

Duties and responsibilities of a software developer

As a software developer your job is not easy, and it requires a lot from you. But the long hours are worth it, and you get paid high salary. The following are your duties and responsibilities as an IT support Portland software developer:

  • Thorough research, design creation, execution of the software, and managing the newly created or modified software program.
  • Strictly testing the software for quality, and assess the performance of the new software program.
  • Determine areas of improvement in current software programs and develop the necessary changes for the betterment of the existing software programs.
  • Writing new computer codes and implementing them in line with the software programs.
  • Checking for practicality in the operational functionality of the developed software programs.
  • Improve current software development procedures to enhance quality assurance.
  • Organizing software tools, sources, processes, operation, and metrics.
  • Maintaining the quality of the existing software programs, and processing the regular updates.
  • Collaborate closely with other company program developers, systems analysts, business analysts, and UX designers.

Qualifications of a software developer

To qualify as a software developer, you need to have a bachelor’s degree related to software or computer courses. And in many cases a background working as IT support Portland specialist is needed. You are at an advantage if your degree involves any of the following essential subjects:

  • Information technology
  • Computer Science
  • Computer Software Engineering
  • Engineering
  • Software programming and Development
  • Electronics
  • Mathematics
  • Physics

Needless to say, you cannot quality as a new software developer if you do not have an educational background from the fields mentioned above. But if you have already graduated from a different degree but still want to shift careers, then you can still do so. You simply need to take a crash course on IT courses or go back to the university to get a computer software programing degree.

Qualities needed for a software developer

Aside from the technical education and background, a software developer must also quality in terms of qualities needed for the job.

Passion for software programs

You need to have sincere passion regarding software programs and the development process in order to qualify for this role. There needs to be an inner desire to want to make a change in the software world, and create new ones that can revolutionize the IT industry. It is not easy to be an IT support Portland software developer, but with passion and dedication to your job, you can make a huge difference in the existing and future software programs.


A great software developer needs to have the mind and adaptability to learn new things fast. If you have the ability to adapt to changes and absorb knowledge quickly, then you have what it takes to be a software developer. This is especially true if you never had an experience with this kind of job before. You need to learn fast and act quickly in order to stay ahead of the competition.

Analytical mind

No one can become a software developer with the absence of an analytical mind. You need this trait so you can quality for the job, let alone perform your tasks better. Show off your brilliant mind during the job interview, and make sure to live up to your promises and show them what you’re capable of. Grab every opportunity to showcase your brain capabilities when it comes to working as an IT support Portland software developer.

Communication skills

You need to understand that not everyone in the IT company can grasp the concept of developing a software, so you must have excellent communication skills. Know how to communicate with your teammates, bosses, and colleagues in a way that they can understand. Refrain from using jargons when you are talking to people who are not privy to internal language. In short, practice people skills and communicate better with everyone inside and outside the company.

Business awareness

Though your job is developing new or modifying software programs, you still need to have a trait to care about the business side of things. The IT company needs a software develop who cares about the company is going through, and share its successes. Your job allows you the power to make a positive change, and by thinking about the business side, you can create a better software program that will make your employers proud.

Attention to detail

Every single piece of the puzzle is important in your line of work. You must pay close attention to every detail of your work in order to create an excellent software program as an IT support Portland software developer. With the quality of paying attention to detail, you can easily spot any vulnerability to the software, and can figure out ways to improve your design. With this trait, you can produce a much better software program than what you originally planned.


Developing a software program is not easy, but it is not impossible either. With commitment to your work, you can be the best in the industry. But of course, before you get that far, you need to get hired first by the company you’re applying for. Be the best version of yourself when you come to the job interview and stand out from others. Show them how good you are as IT support Portland software developer.

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