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IT Support Portland Professionals Why 8 Hours of Sleep is Important

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Most IT support Portland professionals sleep less than six hours a day, and they rarely have the chance to have a full eight hours sleep. That is primarily because IT professionals work for long hours and they are always working, even when they are at home. Of course, this is applicable to many IT support professionals who are completely dedicated to their job, and who have side jobs to earn more money. However, lack of sleep can actually cause a lot of health issues that can hinder IT specialists from doing their jobs well. And if you are one of those reliable IT support professionals who believes that three hours to five hours of sleep is okay, then you are wrong. To help you understand how sleep play a huge part in your profession as an IT support Portland specialist, we present you with facts about sleep.

Longer time of sleeping supports intense focus and productivity

It is highly recommended that you sleep at least eight hours a day in order to reap the incredible benefits. The functionality of your brain is greatly enhanced with proper and long sleep, and so your concentration is highly improved. When your brain is working properly and you have intense focus on your job, you become more productive in your work. Sleep makes it possible for you to be more productive, to do a lot of work done in a manner of few hours, and boosts your brain cognitive function. With less sleep, you go to work feeling tired, irritable, and your brain functions less. You will find it difficult to concentrate since your body is too tired, and that leads to reduced productivity in your part.

And so you need to make it a point to sleep for the whole night, especially if you have big meeting or activities for the next day regarding your job as IT support Portland professional. You need your brain to function properly and fast as an IT support, and you cannot afford to make mistakes just because your brain is too wired up to function. Always remember that your job involves the security of your client’s networks and systems, and to act quickly in the face of cyber threats and cyber attacks is a must.

Good night sleep reduces the risk of getting sick

You work hard to provide yourself and your family with a bright financial lifestyle, but you cannot do that in the expense of your own health. Lack of sleep increases your chances to acquire diseases which can hinder you from working. Though you have medical insurance, you must still take care of your body. Sleeping is known to reduce the risk of diseases to enter a human body. So make sure that you sleep for at least eight hours every night, and in the morning you will feel refreshed and ready to face whatever the day brings. And when you are perfectly healthy, you can be more productive at work as an energetic IT support Portland professional.

Also, you need sleep to ward of diseases because if you get sick, there is a strong chance that you will be laid off from work. If your employers see fit that you are not well enough to continue working for them, then you could lose your job. And when that happens, how can you continue to provide your family with the financial freedom that you are enjoying so far? Sleep is absolutely what you need in order to make things better for you and your loved ones. Stay healthy at all times so you can work and enjoy your life.

Sleep is a memory booster

Your job requires you to be on top of your game at all times. You cannot afford to forget things, especially crucial information that could save your client’s company from getting breached by black hat hackers. When you sleep for long hours every day, your memory storage is well protected, and all the data that you have stored in your brain during the years that you work as an IT support Portland is heavily guarded, and you can easily tap on those memories when needed.

As an IT support professional, you cannot risk losing your memory. You rely on your knowledge to do your job perfectly, and so you need to protect your memory at all cost. Take care of your brain because if it starts to fail, you can lose your job, as well as your self identity. Sleep is free, and you do not need to pay to get it. And besides, sleeping eight hours a day gives you the opportunity to relax your body and brain. Give yourself the chance to recuperate in a daily basis through sleeping.

Sleep promotes healthy immune system

Cytokines are compounds that are released when you have a good night sleep. This compound is responsible for strengthening your immune system so you are not prone to diseases or body weakness. When you sleep longer at night, you are giving your body the weapon to fight against inflammation, so you stay healthy and free from any infection. You can continue working as an IT support Portland professional without worrying about inflammation, and you can work better with a healthy and fully functional immune system.

Final say

If you are not used to sleeping eight hours a day, then you may be having difficulty starting to do so now at your age. But, since you now know how important eight hours of sleep is, then you need to make an effort. Try drinking milk or tea before you go to bed, since this method works for millions of people. You can also listen to soothing music while you sleep to stimulate your body to sleep. It would also help to avoid coffee in the afternoon. With better sleep pattern, your job as an IT support Portland professional becomes more productive and enjoyable.

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