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IT Support Portland Professionals: Thoughts About Gay ITs

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IT Support Portland professionals range in gender. Some straight men and women are ITs, as well as gay men and lesbians. And though this world mostly accepts gays in the workplaces known to be dominated by men, there are still many challenges that gay men face when it comes to working. It cannot be helped that there are still people who snort their noses on gays, and even in the modern world, discrimination is still present. And in the IT industry, there are gay men who are working as ITs in different companies. Some are treated okay, and some are bullied. Discrimination mostly comes from individuals and not from companies. Indeed, being gay in a world full of men is not easy. But as you face your challenges and maintain your integrity, your role as a gay IT Support Portland professional will surely be recognized one of these days.

Struggles of gay ITs
Gay ITs are not rare in the IT world, and they are mostly accepted in society. However, gays still face a couple of struggles in their daily life as they work as ITs. Let us check out some of the challenges they are facing.

Minimal public display of affection
Professional gay ITs are mostly discreet with their relationships with other men. It is not that they are ashamed of what they are, but it is simply to respect the society that they are a part of and avoid any commotion that a public display of love between two men can cause. As a result, you probably do not hold hands often with your lover while you are in a public scene. In fact, there may be times when you are discreetly holding each other and suddenly let us go because other people are starting to come near your location. As an IT Support Portland professional, you have a booming career to take care of. Your personal life is separate from your work life. You can not help but link the two and distance yourself from the scrutiny of the one-sided people in the neighborhood. Indeed, sometimes it is better to avoid unnecessary attention from the crowd in order to continue living a good life, even if that means making your love invisible to others.

Difficulty in gaining complete trust
You know from experience that you are in information technology no matter smart or talented or highly skilled. People would still second guess your decisions and capabilities because you are a gay IT. It is quite difficult to earn the trust of your colleagues and clients if they know that you are gay, even if you look and act like a real man, and inside you fall for the same sex. There is really something about being gay that makes a few people think that you are up to no good. That is why in reality, many gay ITs are exerting double, even triple efforts to prove themselves in the IT Support Portland world. Somehow, there are gay ITs who feel like they owe it to the world to work harder because of their gender choice. But the truth is, you do not have to prove anything. You get to where you are because you worked hard to be there, and no judgmental straight person has the right to tell you that you do not belong. In an ideal world, you have equal rights, and there is no discrimination against gay ITs. But since we live in the real world without a fantasy to run into, you must face the fact that no matter what you accomplished, there will always be a few people who will look down on you. But the most important thing is you will never allow them to make you feel little as a person and as an IT Support Portland professional.

Marriage and family
Same-sex marriage is allowed nowadays in some parts of the world, thous mostly it is not. And so for all gays out there, and for you as a gay IT, it is not easy to marry the man you love and adopt a baby so you can have your own family. This hardship is actually making it more precious to achieve for gay couples the sanctity of marriage and family. Once marry the one you love, you are still not free from the discrimination of a few people who cannot accept same-sex marriages. But it would be best if you did not let them discourage you or make you feel less entitled to your achievements. Be proud of your life and who you are. By being happy with your personal life, you can do better at your job as an IT. As long as your little family is intact and comfortable, your bosses would surely be satisfied with your efficient work performance, and you may be also be promoted in the near future. Your journey is not easy, but you will eventually get there with trust and belief in yourself and your partner. And thanks to your confidence, you gain your clients’ trust in the IT Support Portland industry, which earns you loads of stars for exceptional IT service performance.

Final say
The competitive world of the IT industry is designed for the toughest ITs to thrive and survive. And since you are a member of the LGBT community, you may be inclined to work twice as hard as others. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but you also need to realize that all ITs are equal unless divided by rank and position. Do not let others intimidate you from doing whatever you can for your job. Stand up for what is wrong, and continue to do good in your job, especially if you are tasked to be part of a cyber security team. Make your family and your career a priority, and avoid listening to gossips and dismay of others. And strive to be the best IT support Portland professional at work.

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