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IT Support Portland Professionals: The Pros & Cons Of Covid-19

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IT Support Portland professionals are greatly affected by the pandemic of Covid-19, like any other individual in the world. This virus has taken many lives, changed so many things, and millions are still suffering because of it. But as they say, every coin has two sides. And so ITs do have their own opinion about the Covid-19. And as much as anyone wants to deny it, this pandemic does bring something good in our lives. Let us discover the pros and cons of Covid-19.

Cons of Covid-19
Nobody can deny the devastation that the virus brings to the world, and the continuous destruction is still ongoing. We do hope for this pandemic to end, but it seems like the virus has spread more in some countries. Here are a couple of obvious disadvantages caused by the pandemic.

Whether you are an IT Support Portland professional or not, you have witnessed how the virus claimed thousands of lives all over the world, and it continues to do so every day. It is very frustrating because when a loved one dies from the virus, they are cremated, and no one is allowed to say goodbye to be with them in the final hours of their lives.

Social isolation
Because of the threat of Covid-19, people all over the globe are forced to keep their distance from other people. And so social isolation is a new norm in the world, which greatly affects the personal lives of human beings. People are scared of their own friends, for fear that they carry the virus and get them infected as well. Families are even asked to stay apart even when they are in their own homes. Due to this pandemic, the world gets lonelier and lonelier.

Financial problems
Every job is affected by the pandemic, one way or the other. Fortunately, your job as an IT Support Portland professional is somehow slightly negatively impacted only, but rather, your work becomes more in demand since many offices require their employees to work from home, and you are needed for that. But for the majority of professions in the globe, people are struggling with their finances. Many lost their jobs, and issues with money is a common problem with families. Also, the economy goes down because of this pandemic.

Many workers are being laid off or forced to take a long leave due to the pandemic. As a result, there are shortages in terms of products, regardless of edible or not. Mot especially, there seems to be a constant shortage in medicine, and that is a huge problem especially for people who have maintenance in certain medicine.

Without a doubt, Covid-19 brought confusion to every single human being in the planet. Even the brilliant minds in the medical field are confused with this virus. It took months before a vaccine was formulated, and every one in the world is confused about what to do against the enemy that cannot be seen.

Whether you are an IT Support Portland professional or has another job, or no matter who and what you are on earth, you are bound to feel a rising anger towards an unseen virus that killed thousands of people already. Covid-19 can be deemed unfair and cruel, but there is nothing we can do except wait for this to be over, get vaccinated, and do our best to survive financially, emotionally, and spiritually.

Indeed, fear is a paralyzing component of this pandemic. Everyone is afraid of it, and it consumes our lives. No one is not scared of this pandemic, even those people who received their dose of vaccine already. And with fear, people can do many things, may they be bad or good.

Pros of Covid-19
Yes, Covid-19 is bad and the world changed because of it. But Aside from the negative things, this pandemic also comes with benefits, no matter how much you will argue about it. And as an IT Support Portland professional, you can understand that there are indeed good things about this virus. Let us see what they are.

Family connection
It cannot be denied that thousands of families all over the world lost genuine touch with each other because of adultery, work, separate hobbies, and many others. But thanks to the pandemic, families are forced to stay at home. Husbands or wives who constantly out of the house due to infidelity are seen more often now in their homes to be with their family. Children who are always partying and out with friends are home early because of the threat of the virus. Indeed, the pandemic brings family back together, and that is a good thing.

Self-discipline is one of the best things that came out of the Covid-19 threat. People are now aware of safety protocols, and they exercise proper hygiene. When before, we do not always wash our hands or use alcohol, nor do we use face masks in the past, but now we are always taking care of our body. When you go to work as an IT Support Portland professional, you are now fully prepared to fight the virus, and that is good. People now discipline themselves in terms of safety and security, and that is something that can be practiced even after the pandemic passed.

Indeed, this pandemic has taught everyone what humility is all about. No matter your status in life, whether poor or rich, everyone is facing the threat of getting infected by the Covid-19 virus. No one is exempted from the virus, no matter what kind of profession you have, or how high end your house is, or how much money you have in the bank. Even when you stay at home all the time, but you still have access to delivery people and other individuals who brings you your daily or weekly or monthly products to survive. So we are all greatly humbled by this pandemic, and you know that too well as an IT Support Portland professional.

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