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IT Support Portland Professionals Talk About Phone Protection

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IT Support Portland professionals have different kinds of jobs, such as cybersecurity, data, network and system protection, software and hardware, and many are experts on phones. In this era, everyone has a cellphone, regardless of age, status, race, or profession. Even toddlers have a phone of their own. The only people who do not have a phone are maybe those who are homeless and those who certainly do not have money to buy even the simplest phone in the world. But the majority of the people on earth do have phones, and whether you want to or not, you need to take extra care of your phone, both inside and out. Because if you allow your phone to be vulnerable to the outside elements, you will end up buying a new phone very soon. And as an IT Support Portland professional, you know that there are greater risks in cyber crimes if you are not taking steps to protect your phone against black hat hackers. And so, in this post, we will talk about the things you can do to care for your phone.
Phone insurance
Pay extra for a phone insurance in order to have another entity be reliable for your phone, in case something happens to it. Whether you lost your phone or break it or damage it in any way, there is a certain kind of phone insurance that can cater to your needs. A phone insurance is especially beneficial if your phone is a high end, from a reputable brand, and of course, if it is a very expensive phone. It will indeed be a stupid act not to get phone insurance if your phone costs a lot. And as an IT Support Portland professional, you understand how this kind of protection is greatly needed by phone owners all over the world.
Screen protector
You will never know how much it hurts to have a broken screen until you drop your phone and the screen is damaged. And so, to avoid a heartbreak over a phone, make sure to install a screen protector on your phone as soon as you buy a new phone. Once you have a screen protector, you can worry less about your screen if your phone accidentally drops. Because if it happens, the first thing that will break is the protection and not your actual screen. So go ahead and buy a screen protector if you still do not have one.
Phone case
It is important to have a phone case for your device, so in case you drop your phone, the patient will be the shield that cares for your phone and ensures that your phone remains intact and not damaged. The good news is there are so many designs for a phone case, and you can even personalize your case according to your desires and favorites. In fact, you can have more than one phone case and change them every day if you want to. And as an IT Support Portland professional, it is best to have a heavy-duty chance since your job requires too much from you.
Strong phone security
You are aware that black hat hackers are everywhere, and your phone can get hacked if you are not careful. So make sure that you install strong protection on your phone, and try not to save any password information on your phone. Start with a strong pin code so no one can access your phone except you, plus always clear your cache and cookies to ensure that no malware is left on your phone.
Update apps
Sometimes, having apps on your phone that is outdated can cause issues with the performance of your phone. So if you want a smooth running system and a good performance, make sure always to update your apps. As an IT Support Portland professional, you exactly know how to do this. Also, by keeping your phone and everything on your phone updated, you are protecting your phone from software management.
Storage expansion
Do not overload your phone with apps and files since utilizing the maximum storage can lessen the quality of performance of your phone. And so, what you can do is put an extension on your memory storage so you can download whatever you want, as long as it is within the storage limit. Plus, having an SD card on your phone allows you to enjoy more apps and games.
Battery charging
The most dangerous thing that you can do to your phone is charging it recklessly. The battery span of your device is greatly affected by the charging performance, so make sure that you set your phone only when it is almost out of battery, and if possible, turn off your phone while charging. This part could be challenging since, as a working professional, you constantly need your phone in order to communicate with your bosses, your clients, co-workers, and other people. You also need to understand that no matter you protect your phone inside and out, if your charging practice as an IT Support Portland professional is causing damage to the battery life of your phone, then you will need to buy another one sooner than later.
Avoid extreme temperatures
No one in their right mind would ever put their phone in an extreme temperature. Still, it is also your responsibility to make sure that you keep your device away from water, direct snow contact, and other extreme temperatures around you. And if in case you accidentally put your phone on water, then the simple trick is actually to put your phone under rice. The rice will seep out the moisture from the device, and in a day or two, your phone is back to normal. But of course, do not try to test out this theory. Care for your phone and always keep it safe from the outside elements. As an IT Support Portland professional, you have the skills to care for your device, so use your knowledge.

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