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IT Support Portland professionals are exposed to a world full of computers, software programs, cloud, networks, systems, and everything related to the world of IT. Also, they are well aware of the popular term Netiquette, which is actually translated to network etiquette. This term is quite similar to the appropriateness in society, but it is more suited for the world of the internet. In a nutshell, netiquette is a set of rules or code that are intended to make ITs and all individuals using the internet to abide by. Without regulations, the internet can become an environment of destruction, where hackers are lurking around, bullies are cyberbullying others, thefts are stealing credit card information, criminals are stealing identities, and much more havoc and damage to the society and industries. In short, netiquette is a guide on how to act accordingly when using the internet. However, as an IT Support Portland professional, you know full well that there are those who never follow the internet rules. But that fact must never stop you from being a good example to your colleagues and everyone around you who is using the internet. In this post, we will discuss about the top netiquette or network etiquette rules.

Respect for other people or business privacy

Respect is earned; it is true. But with the internet, show respect without needing to achieve it. It must be given, regardless of the type of company or individual. The privacy of others must be preserved, and that is something that black hat hackers can never grasp. Respect is very important because, without it, there would be chaos, theft, and all types of damage done on the internet.

Clear communication at all times

No matter who you communicate to through the internet, you need to ensure that all parties involved know exactly who they are talking to. Reveal who you are and what your intentions are, and do not hide behind an alias, nickname, or facade that lures people into following any nefarious agenda. Clear communication is important on the internet to avoid miscommunication, as you already know as an IT Support Portland professional. 

An objective account of what is written

It is quite so easy to get carried away during the process of writing blogs, social media post comments, and all other forms of writing through the web. However, one of the major netiquette is all about objectively checking your written words prior to sending them or posting them. You need to make sure that you are not hurting anyone or bullying people through your digital stories. Even if this rule is often not followed, you must abide by them, no matter what.

Utilize emoticons

Emoticons are not there to provide life and fun into your texts, chats, and posts. They are originally created to help you express what you truly feel, so your intended recipient can understand you better. Your job as an IT Support Portland exposes you to all the emoticons in the world. So use them wisely, and teach your family and friends how to use them properly. Emoticons are for formal and casual use, contrary to many beliefs that emoticons are simply for fun. In fact, emoticons are used to convey a message, so respect them in your usage.

Practice KISS or “Keep It Short & Simple”

Chatting and sending emails is not like talking in person or writing a formal letter. So it is internet etiquette always to keep your messages short, simple, and abbreviated. Use acronyms, so it is much faster to write, and your recipient will not take long to receive your news, and it would take them as fast to respond to you. But of course, use acronyms or abbreviations that can be understood by anyone reading them, unless, of course, if you are sending a coded and secret message to someone. As an IT Support Portland professional, you can probably decipher all types of secret codes because you may have seen them all in your line of work. 

Hide personal information

Black hat hackers are always around, waiting for their next victim to materialize. And so you need to keep your personal information private and well hidden. Never fill out an internet form that requires you to provide sensitive data such as credit card information, your home or office address, personal phone number, all other personal information that can lead to identity or credit card theft. Of course, you have the right to provide all this information when you purchase online.

Follow copyright laws

Copying the work of others is in violation of the copyright laws, so make sure that you do not copy and paste posts, articles, comments, or any written words by other people. If you need to copy, then make sure that you put the original author as a reference or quote them. It would be best to ask permission first, so try to do so. It sure looks good on you as an IT Support Portland professional to show courtesy to others on the web.

Do not shout!

Maintain proper netiquette by avoiding using caps lock when you type a message. You are well aware that writing capital letters mean that you are shouting, which is absolutely not good. Use this feature only when you are indeed on fire with anger, and there is no other way to convey your message except to shout online. 

Do not spam

Spamming usually happens with commercial marketing, but it also applies to personal chats and emails. Avoid sending spam messages so your account will not get blocked. Spamming is a nuisance, so do not do it, no matter how bored you are or how much you really like to spam. Remember that spamming could go both ways, and it is surely not fun to block spam messages or spammers. Plus, your reputation can get ruined due to spamming. Be good with your internet uses, and exercise your right as an IT Support Portland professional.

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