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IT Support Portland Professionals Take Care Of The Eyes Well

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IT Support Portland professionals do not only rely on their skills to perform their jobs well. You are also dependent on your eyes in order to do a great job in cybersecurity. In fact, the human eyes are extremely significant in everything that we do in this world. It is vital to keep your eyes healthy at all times so that you can perform excellently at your job, and you are quick enough to see everything and not get outsmarted by black hat hackers because you missed something. And so you can definitely make use of a couple of important tips that will ensure excellent eyesight and good eye health.
Healthy diet
Good eyesight stems from a healthy diet that includes fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, and fish. Eat a lot of halibut, tuna, or salmon because they contain a rich amount of omega-three fatty acids that are certainly perfect for your eyesight as you work on your tasks as an IT Support Portland professional. Indeed, eating green vegetables, fresh fruits, and fish can help improve your vision, especially since you are constantly facing your computers for work. Always follow a healthy diet, and limit your intake of meat, processed foods, junk foods, fast food foods, and other unhealthy foods. You may crave unhealthy foods once in a while, and it is actually okay to have a cheat day. But ensure that your cheat day is indeed only a day and not more. Always keep in mind that the good health of your eyes depends on your healthy food intake.
Regular workout
The thing is, if you are overweight or if you have diabetes, high cholesterol, or high blood pressure, you run the risk of acquiring eye diseases, which starts with a blurred vision or poor eyesight. And so it is important to work out regularly and do your daily exercises without missing a day, no matter how busy you are as an IT Support Portland professional. Regular exercise can lower the risk of diseases, so if you do not have diabetes, or if your cholesterol is low, and you have no high blood pressure, then your chances of having a poor vision or any kind of eye disease are lacking. That is why it is crucial to create a workout schedule and stick to it. You can go for a strenuous workout at least three times a week, and simple exercises like stretching or walking on other days. Always remember that regular activity decreases the risk of acquiring glaucoma o diabetic retinopathy. So start your workout schedule as soon as possible to keep your eyesight healthy.
Eye protection
Your tasks as an IT involves facing your computers and other technological devices, so your eyes are always exposed to radiation. Too much exposure to the blue light can irritate and damage your eyes. So it is ideal for wearing prescription glasses or anti-radiation glasses whenever you work, or every time you access your laptop or mobile phone for personal reasons. When you protect your eyes, you are not jeopardizing your eye health, and you can continue to work well as an IT Support Portland professional. Aside from blue light, too much exposure to the natural UV rays of the sun can also weaken your eye and cause eye diseases. So if you love the outdoors and are often out in the sun whenever you are not working, then you better wear sunglasses at all times. You need to understand that sun exposure can lead to acquiring macular degeneration, which is mostly age-related, as well as cataracts. Make it a point to purchase sunglasses that are designed to block at least 99 percent of the sun radiation, which are the harmful UVB and UVA rays. By wearing a pair of high-quality sunglasses, you reduce the risk of eye diseases as an IT Support Portland professional.
No smoking
Millions of people enjoy smoking, and millions hate it. If you hate the smell of smoke and curse the bad effects of this habit, then you are one of the lucky ones. The fact is, smoking opens a huge door that leads to the slow destruction of your eye optic nerve. This bad habit brings forth eye diseases that are unnecessary and can be avoided if smoking is not done. But if you are a smoker, then you need to think real hard about seriously quitting and enjoying a healthier lifestyle. Nothing good comes from a smoking habit, so let it go. Your transition to a healthier you may be difficult, but it is the right path to preserving your good eyesight and not risk having poor vision.
20-20-20 eye rule
Your job is not an easy one, and your eyes are always taking a toll due to the pressures and stresses of your work. And since it usually takes hours for you to complete your daily tasks, you must abide by and follow the 20-20-20 eye rule. This means that for every 20 minutes of exposing your eyes as an IT Support Portland professional to your computers, you need to look away from your devices for at least 20 seconds. Always make sure that you are looking at another part of your workspace, which is 20 feet away from you. This 20-20-20 rule is designed to allow your eyes to rest and prevent you from getting a poor vision. At first, it would be difficult to remember to take a very short break every 20 minutes. But with prolonged practice, you can get the hang of it. Follow this rule strictly, and you can protect your eyes from eye diseases, and you can continue to work excellently as an IT.
Final say
The health of your eyes must never be taken for granted since, without it, you will never be able to perform your job excellently. To protect your eyes no matter what, so with a great eyesight, you can be better as an IT Support Portland professional.

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