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IT Support Portland Professionals State Alarming Cybersecurity Facts

IT support Portland professionals all over the world are greatly concerned about the alarming increase of cybersecurity threats. It has been a huge struggle every day to fight off cyber attacks, and IT experts are doing their best to protect their client’s networks and systems from getting hacked and exploited. But no matter how hard the work has been, black hat hackers are still finding ways to throw cyber threats on businesses all over the globe.

That is why it is crucial for all companies to hire the best IT services in order to safeguard their workplace from cyber criminals. Malicious intents from hackers are always present, and companies must be aware of the cyber threats they are facing. And so in this post we will discuss about the growing cybersecurity concerns. These facts are alarming and they are real, and IT support Portland professionals put them together in order to create awareness to every business in the country and other parts of the world.

Significant statistics about cybersecurity

With the rise of threats on cybersecurity, the following statistics are worthy to be known by all companies.

  • There is a forecast that in 2022, the information security industry all over the world will reach $170.4 billion.
  • More than 60% of companies suffer from cybersecurity attacks every year.
  • Nearly 70% of business leaders are concerned that their cybersecurity can be breached by hackers.
  • On average, only 5% of sensitive data are securely protected in companies around the globe.
  • In 2019 alone, 4.1 billion company records were subjected to data breaches.
  • Data breaches have different motives, and 75% is all about gaining financial leverage, and the other 25% involves espionage.
  • Breaches come in various forms, and 52% is from traditional hacking, 28% is through malicious malware, and 32-33% involves social engineering or phishing.
  • The email attachments that are typically embedded by malware are .dot, .doc, and .exe.
  • IT support Portland professionals had predicted that by this year, there will be around 300 billion passwords generated.

Statistics on hacking and data breaches

Data breaches and hacking exposes every company that is attacked to identity theft, credit card fraud, and other damages that ends up leaving the company accountable and faces the liability alone. Once breached, the reputation of the company can barely recover. And to avoid crippling in company production and sales, every business must hire IT services companies to handle their cybersecurity. These statistics proves the dire need for ITs:

  • Black hat hackers are a relentless bunch, and they perform their cyber attacks after every 39 seconds. And that makes it 2,244 attempts to hack daily.
  • It takes around 206 days for a company to figure out that they have been breached and what was missing.
  • There were 500 million victims of cyber attacks and breach from 2014 to 2018 whose information were exposed to the public during the Marriott-Starwood breach of data.
  • More than 64% of individuals all over the country never bother to determine if they were hacked.
  • 56% of the US population has no clue what to do in case of a data breach.
  • As of last year alone, $3.92 million is the typical cost for a data breach, according to trusted IT support Portland professionals.
  • By the end of 2020, it is expected to have 83% of businesses to transfer their data to the cloud.
  • In 2016, Yahoo was hacked and 3 billion accounts were exposed to the one of the largest hacking success in history.
  • In 2016, hackers stole personal data of more than 57 million Uber drivers and customers. Uber tried their best to keep the breach from going public, and paid the hackers.

Categorized statistics on cyber crime

Cyber attacks come in different forms, and the most common breaches involve social engineering, phishing, malware, whaling, ransomware, and DDoS or Distributed Denial of Service attacks. Here are a couple of statistics on data breaches:

  • In the DBIR last year, it was found by IT support Portland professionals that 94% of malware were injected to devices through email.
  • In 2018, DDoS is the source of cyber attacks in 51% of businesses.
  • The IoT security breach has unfortunately touched 61% of companies.
  • Cryptomining is involved with 90% of cyber attacks through execution of remote codes.
  • $133,000 is the average cost suffered by companies for every successful ransomware attack.
  • Email attachments injected with malware are often delivered through office files, and that consist of 48% of malicious email attacks.
  • 69% of business management refused to believe that their anti-virus programs are enough to block the cyber attacks.
  • The United States suffers the highest ransomware attacks due to its dominance in internet users. Ransomware thrives in internet-populated areas.

Statistics on cybersecurity compliance

Every day, new cyber threats are emerging, and businesses are growing more at risk. And so it is imperative for companies to comply with the regulations and rules about cybersecurity. The General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR was created to make cybersecurity more efficient. The rules and policies are set because the increasing threats are not to be taken lightly, as evident of these statistics provided by IT support Portland professionals:

  • 53% of businesses allow their employees access to more than a thousand confidential files.
  • 22% of documents are accessible to all personnel in every company.
  • GDPR preparation is costing over $1 million on 88% of companies worldwide.
  • $57 billion was paid by Google as a fine for violating the GDPR of CNIL, which is a data protection firm in France.
  • 61% if businesses contain more than 500 company accounts that has lifetime passwords that never expire.
  • After GDPR, 31% of customers are happier and safer with their purchases and involvement with compliant companies.

Final say

Cybersecurity is a serious matter that must always be paid attention to. Luckily, there are thousands of highly qualified IT support Portland professionals to get the job done excellently. Every company in the world must comply with the GDPR, to reduce cyber attacks.

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