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IT Support Portland Professionals Should Limit Coffee Intake

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IT support Portland Professionals, like almost all of the population in the entire world, drinks coffee every morning as a traditional routine. And often, people drink coffee throughout the day, which amounts to more than three cups a day. And though coffee do bring forth a lot of health benefits, they also cause health issues that are not good for your job. Drinking coffee is a tradition that has been passed on for many generations, and you may never be able to stay away from coffee especially in your line of work where you need to stay fully awake during working hours. But, what you can do is limit your coffee intake daily. Your brain may protest with this, but you will surely agree with this suggestion after you realize the havoc that too much coffee can bring to your profession as a reliable and dedicated IT support Portland professional.

Coffee increases your stress hormone

The production of catecholamines in your body increases significantly. This is a stress hormone that is vastly produced when you drink coffee, and so your stress level increases. You become agitated, you risk the increase of inflammation in your body, you seem highly irritable, and you have the tendency to feel lousy. All these feelings are caused by the caffeine in your daily doses of coffee, so try to minimize the number of coffee cups you consume every day. You need to be on top your wits when you work fighting cyber criminals. You cannot afford to feel too stressed with your job, because that will only lead to frustration and clouding of your better judgment. Always remember that in your job, you need complete presence of mind and undivided focus. One slight mistake can give the opening that black hat hackers need to breach the networks and systems of your client’s companies. So take it upon yourself to stay clear from stress stimulants so you can better perform your job as an IT support Portland professional.

Reduced sensitivity to insulin

When your body becomes dependent on coffee and drinking coffee is a habit now, then you are running the risk of reducing your body’s sensitivity to insulin, and that leads to the hard struggle of your internal cells to execute proper response to your blood sugar. When your blood sugar is high, this incident gears towards the deterioration of your arteries and the risk of cardiovascular diseases increases dramatically. You cannot risk your mortality by drinking too much coffee. Keep in mind that your health is crucial to your job. You can potentially put an end to your career if your health declines due to too much caffeine. Plus, your family will surely suffer when you lose your job, as well as your ability to live normally. So before it is too late, reduce your coffee drinking habit, if you cannot live without caffeine. It is recommended to drink one or two cups a day only, and beyond that is an abuse that you will pay for someday. So maintain your grove as an IT support Portland professional, reduce your coffee intake to a minimum only.

Coffee is highly acidic

You may have noticed that when you are on your fourth or more coffee cup, you feel the need to visit the restroom, and you start to feel discomfort in your stomach. That is because one too many cups of coffee can cause indigestion, dysbiosis or gut flora imbalance, GERD, heart burn, and digestive discomfort. Even one of the mentioned illnesses is not good for your job. When you at work you need to stay focused and healthy in order to face cyber threats and deal with them excellently. You simply cannot afford to feel any discomfort in your body while you are engaged in cyber battle with black hat hackers. By drinking too much coffee, you run the risk of visiting the comfort rooms too often, which can decrease your focus significantly. So in order to have a smooth sailing performance in your work as an IT support Portland professional, you must refrain from drinking too much coffee. Reduce your dosage to a minimum, and just enough to give you energy in the morning and keep you alert.

Coffee causes addiction

If you think that only drugs and alcohol can cause addiction, then you are absolutely wrong. Coffee can turn into an addiction, and the withdrawal process can actually lead to quite similar symptoms as that of withdrawal from drugs. You may not notice it or is completely ignoring the facts, but you are fully dependent on coffee to get your hourly dose of energy, instead of finding healthy and natural ways to get energized. You need to recognize the signs of addiction for coffee, and one sure telltale is the fact that you feel agitated, angry, and irritated when you cannot drink coffee immediately, and you do not feel like you can function without more than three cups a day. You are responsible for the cybersecurity of your client’s companies as their IT support Portland, so keep your addiction in check and have the will power to gradually reduce your coffee consumption. With strong will, you can beat your coffee addiction and be better at your job.

Coffee releases significant minerals from the body

Your body is need of healthy chemicals like calcium, potassium, and magnesium. But by drinking a lot of coffee, these important chemicals are removed from your body through urinary activities. This leads to the disproportion of your electrolyte system which is certainly not good for your health. So make it a point to refrain from drinking more than two cups of coffee daily in order to retain the significant chemicals that your body needs to stay healthy and fit. You definitely need those important body chemicals in order to provide exceptional performance to your clients’ companies as one of the best IT support Portland professionals in the country.

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