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IT Support Portland Professionals Reveal Cyber Attacks

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According to reliable Intel from IT Support Portland professionals, 95% of cyber-attacks are actually kept secret and never reported to the authorities. And yes, it is the prerogative of the business owners and management to expose the cyber crime. Still, the confidential information is actually hurting the analysis, reports, and strategies of the dedicated professionals who are handling the data about cyber crimes. Without the right data, there will be no proper analysis of the cyber crimes, and defeating the black hat hackers proves to be hard. But no one can really force companies to admit they are a victim of a cyber attack. And these businesses have their reasons for keeping their victimized status a secret. In this post, we will check out their rationality.

Shame or embarrassment

It is undoubtedly embarrassing to be a victim of a cyber crime, even though you are not at fault, and your company suffered a great loss from the cyber attack. But this fact does not change the reality that your business was a victim of a black hat hacker, and the shame of what happened plagues you as a business owner. As the IT Support, Portland professionals said, this shame comes from the fact that they allowed their networks and systems to be vulnerable for enough. Even if, of course, it was never your attention to be attacked in the digital world, one or way or another, you failed to protect your company. There is something obviously missing from the current cyber security that you have for your company if any. And so it is crucial always to be prepared by ensuring that you sign a contract with the best IT Support Portland company in the country. By doing so, you are taking an essential step in protecting your business from potential cyber threats. 

Fear of mistrust from investors

Many businesses were established thanks to the support of the valued investors, and even after years of existence, the investors are still providing financial support for the growth of the company. But, if your company is a victim of targeted cyber crime or even an unexpected opportunity and the black hat hackers were able to get confidential information or took your devices hostage, then you will face the wrath of your investors once they find out. And so, in order to protect your company from the potential withdrawal of funds from your company investors, then you deem it necessary to keep the cyber crime a secret. 

Fear of losing customers

Another valid reason for companies to keep quiet about the successful cyber attack on their businesses is the fear of losing their important customers. If your business involves processing payment online, then your customers will surely stop purchasing from your company if they find out that a black hat hacker was able to penetrate your network and system. Anybody would be hesitant to use their credit card for online purchases for fear that their personal or credit card information will be hacked as well. To prevent gaining the mistrust of your customers, you need to hire the most skilled and popular IT Support Portland company to take care of your company’s cyber security. Only by having experienced and talented ITs in your company can you sleep soundly at night knowing that your cyber security is in extremely capable hands. With this decision, you are sure not to lose the trust of your customers. And with the increasing number of people patronizing your products and services, your business will definitely grow bigger, and your new revenue scheme is certainly greater compared to what you spend for hiring capable ITs. 

Hiding grave secrets

Every business has something to hide, no matter how small. It could be about a secret recipe, confidential procedures, shady employees or compensation, doctored income tax, and many more potential reasons. Whatever is so personal, you want to protect it so badly, and not even a cyber attack can sway you. But suppose you have the hired services of the most powerful IT Support Portland company in the world. In that case, you never have to worry about exposing your company secrets to anyone outside your business, or even from people who work for you. You really need to consider hiring excellently trained ITs from a prestigious IT service firm for secrets so grave. By having exceptional 24/7 IT services, you do not only have security for your company in a digital sense, but you also have protection from your deepest company secrets. The best thing is, you never have to inform the ITs in charge of your cyber security anything about what you are hiding. They would protect all your data, networks, and systems and ultimately secure your secrets without needing to reveal them.

Internal handling of cyber attack

One of the major reasons why companies are not saying a word about the cyber attack done to their company is because they are handling the problem on their own. They may have their own internal investigation that resulted from their experience in black hat hackers’ hands. And most of the time, IT Support Portland professionals are the ones who take care of this in-home investigation. However, you can avoid this process altogether by hiring the best ITs in the country. It would be best if you did not wait for disaster to happen. Rather, it would be best if you were always ready for what can happen, especially in this technological age where black hat hackers are improving their skills in any way they can.

Final say

It is not easy to admit that a black hat hacker has fooled you. Still, in order to help stop the cyber attacks that are happening all over the world, you need to report any cyber crime that you are involved with, professionally or personally. Most of all, trust in IT Support Portland professionals helps you keep your networks, data storage, and systems safe and secure.

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