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IT Support Portland Professionals: Protect Against Pandemic

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IT Support Portland professionals are one of the luckiest career people in the world because they can work from home and still provide the same level of IT service to their clients. As an IT, you mostly deal with cyber security, network, and systems security, and technical fixes in a remote access method. You have local clients, but you also deal with companies from other parts of the globe. And so when the pandemic hits the world, you are not heavily affected in terms of the service you provide. In fact, the demand for ITs actually escalated since many offices require their employees to work from home. And this entails that they need to up their cyber security to prevent black hat hackers from gaining access to the company data and sensitive information. And the good thing is that you do not need to be physically present to perform your tasks as an IT Support Portland professional, unlike other professionals and workers out there. But of course, you are not exempted from the virus, so you still need to protect yourself and take on precautionary measures to avoid becoming the next victim of this worldwide pandemic.

Hand washing
In normal times, hand washing typically occurs when we go to the restroom or before we eat at home. But due to this pandemic, everyone is required to wash their hands at all times, especially when in the office or somewhere far from home. Washing your hands thoroughly is one of the best ways to protect yourself from getting infected with the virus. So make sure that you always do so whenever an opportunity presents itself to wash your hands. And if there are no handwashing stations available, what you need to do is still carry with you a bottle of alcohol or a sanitizer. As an IT Support Portland professional, your job involves using devices to complete your tasks. So every after using a laptop or other technological gadget, always sanitize your hands through hand washing, applying alcohol or a sanitizer.

No face touching
It is not advisable to touch any part of your face without cleaning your hands first. It is said that the virus is prone to enter your body through your eyes, mouth, and nose, so no matter how itchy your face is, or how your hair gets in the way of your vision, or no matter how dirty your cheeks are, you must always, always wash, sanitize, or disinfect your hands before you touch your face.

Social distancing
The World Health Organization or WHO strongly advised to practice social distancing, and you must follow this rule in order to help yourself be free of the deadly virus. The good thing is you are not a stranger to the online world since you are living it, so you can easily continue socializing in the virtual setting. It is wise to keep your distance even from people whom you know when you meet them in the streets. Our enemy cannot be seen, so it is better to be cautious than end up in the hospital with symptoms of the annoying virus. And when you are careful with your health, you can continue to work as an IT Support Portland professional without a problem.

Face mask and face shield
Whenever you go out of the house, you must never forget to wear a face mask as well as a face shield. These protective gears can block the virus from getting into your face, especially when an infected person coughs in front of you. There are so many horrible things that can happen when you are in close contact with a symptomatic patient, so always be prepared for whatever can happen outdoors. Of course, as an IT Support Portland professional, you can work from home, but you still need to eat and take care of some things, so you cannot stay in the house forever. Just make sure that when you do go out, you have full-on face protection.

Disinfect surfaces
If you are still working in the office despite the pandemic, then you must not neglect to clean your desks regularly and make it a point to disinfect surrounding surfaces on a daily basis. This is additional work, but you need to do everything you can to keep the virus away from you. This is especially true if your office space has multiple people working inside. You never know what your co-workers have done previously prior to reporting to the office or who they were in contact with. So bring your own disinfectants if your office lacks one. And make sure that you always clean your hands.

Avoid certain foods
You may be used to eating whatever food you can find before the pandemic, but right now, it is best to be careful about your food intake. Nothing beats a healthy diet, and it is good to know what foods to avoid because eating certain foods actually attracts the virus. And that is absolutely something that you would want to avoid. Keep in mind that as an IT Support Portland professional, you need to stay healthy in order to perform your responsibilities better. So avoid eating full-fat dairy products, unhealthy butter, fatty meats, red meats, food with lard, food with solid shortening, prevent the use of coconut oil, as well as palm oil. Make it a habit to check the nutrition label of foods in the grocery store, and refrain from buying products with trans fats. Reduce your intake also on baked goods, fried foods, processed foods, doughnuts, and foods that are cooked with hydro generated fat. Keep a healthy diet by eating fruits and fresh foods only, and drink at least two liters of water every day. Go for vegetables, and start getting rid of frozen pizzas, pie crusts, and even biscuits. These food are not good for you, especially in times of this pandemic. So be healthy and dedicated IT Support Portland professional.

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