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IT Support Portland Professionals: People Borrowing Money

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IT Support Portland Professionals do have money since their in-demand job pays more than enough. And so it is quite normal to have some people in your life who want to borrow money from you for many different reasons. They do believe that you are loaded with cash, and it is up to you if you will let them borrow money from you or not. But, it would be best if you kept in mind that you worked hard for your money, and it is only right that you are not careless about whom you would allow using your money. Remember that not all people who borrow money have the decency or even the capability to pay you back. And when that happens, then you lose your hard-earned money from working as an IT Support Portland Professional. And so, to help you out in making a decision about your finances and about people wanting to take advantage of your stability, let us explore the reasons why you should let others borrow from you and when not to.
When to let friends borrow money
When your friends come to you to borrow some money, they probably have reasons why they want to. Let us check out the valid reasons that you can consider for agreeing to lend them your money.
Medical emergencies
Well, if you can see or is absolutely sure that your friends are struggling with their finances due to a medical issue, then be a good friend and help them out. It would not be good if you reuse to help if your friends are in dire need of money when health is concerned. Plus, abandoning them in times like this can taint your friendship. And so it bests if you use some of your earnings from your job as an IT Support Portland Professional and help your friends with their financial crisis in terms of medical and health aspects. Once you do this, your friendship will become stronger, and maybe someday, when the situation is reversed, you will surely receive the same compassion and help that you provided to your friends. Also, if you will not support an obvious need for cash, then it will weigh heavy on your conscience, especially if your friends end up getting into more health issues because they lack the finances to get treated properly.
Homelessness issue
For some reason, if your friends are on the verge of losing their house or are in need of cash to provide shelter for their family, then it is a good time to be a dear friend and help them out. This is especially needed if your friends have children that need care and a roof over their head. You simply cannot stand by at the sideline and watch your friend and their family become homeless. You do have the resources as an IT Support Portland Professional, and it would surely not get you broke if you help out, even in small sums. Besides, what kind of a friend would you be if you do not help out your friends in times of serious crisis/ Of course, be prepared to have your money back in a long time. Your friends are struggling financially, and they need more time to recover from the disaster. The important thing is, you were able to help.
When not to let friends borrow money
There are indeed valid reasons to let your friends borrow money from you. On the other hand, there are also circumstances when you must not let your friends coerce you into getting money from you. Let us discover what those scenarios are.
For drugs, alcohol, or smoking purposes
If you suspect or actually know that your friends are addicted to drugs, smoke, or alcohol, then do your best to convince them to get rehabilitated. And if they come to you to borrow money since they know you are doing financially well as an IT Support Portland Professional, then never give in. Do not let anyone, even your closest friends, borrow money from you to use for drugs or alcohol or whatever addiction they have. You cannot be a tool for them to waste their lives even more. Instead of letting them borrow money, help them find a rehab center, and if needed, pay for the expenses for rehab. But never give them money to fuel their addiction.
Casino purposes
Casinos are fun, but going there is still considered gambling, no matter how small your cash is or how big your bets are. And so, if your friends come to you and ask to borrow money to go to a casino, then do not let them get their way. Gamblers are always up to no good, and you cannot just allow your hard-earned money to be wasted on gambling. You work too hard to make money and get to where you are now. Your job as an IT Support Portland Professional is quite stressful, so do not just waste your money on people who do not respect your earning and would simply gamble them away.
Yes, vacation is somewhat a legit reason for borrowing money, but if your friends do want to have a vacation, let them save up for the trip instead of easily borrowing money from you. You barely even have time to go on a vacation, and you have money. If your friends want to go on trips, then they must be responsible enough to have their own money to enjoy their vacation.
Final say
As a human being and a good friend, it is quite normal to have the heart to let your friends borrow money from you. But never let them abuse your kindness in any way. Allow them to borrow when the reasons are super legit, but say a hard no if they borrow money for selfish reasons. Keep in mind that I worked so hard as an IT Support Portland Professional to have money. And not jeopardize your savings.

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