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IT Support Portland Professionals Handle Anger Well

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IT Support Portland professionals are human beings who are also prone to anger, especially when provoked. There are many things that can make you angry in your professions, such as your rowdy colleagues, bad-tempered boss, extremely skilled black hat hackers, difficult technical issues, and even the traffic while going to work can trigger your anger. Whether from home or from work, there are really things that can make you angry. But the problem is, if you cannot control your outburst, you may end up being aggressive at work or at home, and that could lead to physical altercations. And if you engage in bodily harming others due to your anger, you could end up in jail, or worst, get fired from your job.
That is why it is crucial to know how to manage your anger and what to do when you feel the blood rising through your veins. Always keep in mind that your anger issues can affect every aspect of your life, especially your career as an IT Support Portland professional. So here in this article, we will list the tips that can get you out of trouble. The need to manage your anger well is the key to keeping your job and the peace in the family, so take note.

Breathe slowly
When you get angry, you can feel your heart racing and your breathing speeds up faster, and it is shallower. You need to control and manage your strong emotion by breathing slowly and deeply. Breathe in through your nose, and release the air slowly through your mouth. Repeat the process multiple times until you feel like you are in control again, and your anger is subsiding. This process is highly effective, so practice it whenever you feel angry, especially when you are at work in the IT Support Portland company.

Count up or down
One of the most effective methods of managing your anger is through counting numbers. Depending on your preference, you can count up, like 1, 2, 3, and up, or count down like 10, 9, 8, 7, and down. It is up to you on how far you want to count, like up to 10, 20, 50, or even a hundred if you are really angry. And if you choose to count down, gauge how angry you are and start from a higher number like 50 or 30, and going down. But if you are extremely angry, count down from 100 or up from 1 to 100. By counting, you are giving your heart a chance to slow down in its rapid beating and for you to breathe more calmly.

Walk around
Walking around is greatly effective in controlling your anger, as the activity calms your nerves. So when you are faced with an angry situation, walk away and walk around instead of bursting into anger. It is especially true if you are on the verge of a fight with a co-worker. You need to walk away before you can say or do something that you will regret, and you need to control your anger in order to avoid getting fired from your work as an IT Support Portland professional. Aside from walking around, you can also go cycling, jogging, go bowling, do golfing, or other simple locomotor activities.

Say a mantra
When there are things that upset you, you should practice saying a mantra. This is a word or a phrase that you can speak to yourself in order to calm down. Like for example, you say, “Everything is going to be okay.” And then you repeat this phrase over and over until you feel relaxed. Or it can be a single word such as “relax.” No matter what your mantra is, make sure to remember it, especially in times when you can feel your anger bursting from your body. Keep in mind that controlling your emotions is beneficial in your career as an IT Support Portland professional.

Mental escape
In times of anger, it is ideal to mentally escape from the real world and try to relax through your mind. Slip into your favorite place in your brain, and stay in a quiet area in your head where you can easily visualize a serene and happy home. Create an imaginary environment that is full of joy, and doing so will help you physically calm down and relax. This process is perfect, especially in a scenario where there are a bunch of people around or in the office where your colleagues and bosses are also present.

Zip your mouth
Angry words easily fly out of your mouth when you are mad, so hold yourself from saying something that you can never take back. If you get into an altercation with a co-worker or even get so angry at your boss, zip your mouth and keep quiet. Always keep in mind that bursting in anger with words can potentially cost you your career, so swallow your pride and shut up. This will give you a moment to relax and calm down, so keep your professionalism in the IT Support Portland industry by managing your anger and not saying angry things.

Think first
It is true that it is so hard to think first in a situation where you are angry, But if your emotions are strongly triggered at work, you simply have no other choice but to get a hold of yourself and force your brain to think first before you say something bad. This process takes a huge amount of control, and of course, your love for your job is a driving factor why you can accomplish this task. So when you feel like shouting or saying mean things due to extreme anger, remember to think first and calm yourself down. Your job is more important than having the last words to speak to your nemesis. Never let anything or anyone take away your utmost dignity in the IT Support Portland industry.

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