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IT Support Portland Professionals Find Ways To Stay Happy

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IT Support Portland professionals are usually serious types of people who feel like the weight of the world lands on their shoulders. It is true is some level since your profession is crucial to the safety and security of businesses. But due to the stresses that come with the job, it is hard to stay happy and optimistic at all times. That is why it is important to look for ways always to be satisfied and never to succumb to sadness or darkness. And since happiness comes in many forms and can be derived from many factors, we are here to enumerate some of the things that you can do to be happy, especially in times when your job depresses you.

Smiling is a therapy in itself. We smile when something amuses us, we smile when seeing someone we know, we smile when we feel good, we smile when we watch our favorite movie or listen to our favorite song, and we smile for a thousand more reasons. The fact is, as an IT Support Portland professional, you should know that a substance called dopamine is actively released by our brain when we smile, and that component is responsible for making us feel happy. So it is indeed best to keep on smiling on a daily basis, so you can continue to feel good. And when moments come when you are sad or frustrated or angry or whatever negative feeling you may be experiencing, you should remember to smile. Of course, it is a fake smile, but you will gradually feel that it is becoming real. Plus, if you practice smiling in the workplace, your colleagues will think better of you, and you are spreading smiles all over the office. That should be bonus points for you. And with a smile on your face, you can direct your mood to be positive at all times as you perform your job as an IT Support Portland professional.

7-8 Hours of sleep
As an adult, your body needs up to 8 hours of sleep every night in order to give you the energy to tackle whatever challenges the next day brings. And in your line of work, you absolutely need to feel alive and energetic, and a long sleep can give you that. Reduced hours of sleep can make you feel irritable while at work, and the fatigue can drain your energy, which leads to a low-quality performance at work. Much worst, lack of sleep actually affects the functionality of your brain. So instead of winning against the cybercriminals, you may end up losing the battle and compromise the safety and security of the networks, systems, and data of the company you are working for. So make it a habit to sleep early and get at least 7 hours of sleep before you face another working day. If you cannot sleep well, then drink a glass of milk before turning in for the night, or read a book that is related to your job as an IT Support Portland professional. By doing so, you are honing your knowledge and skill in your profession. And when you sleep better, you become happier. So start your good sleeping habit today.

Regular exercise
Do you know that regular exercise can make you naturally happy? Yes, working out reduces feelings of pressure, stress, anxiety and drives you away from feelings of depression. Make it a regular habit to exercise at least three times a week. Even small amounts of exercises will do, like simple stretching or walking. If you have a dog, you can use your pet as a means to get exercise by walking your pup every night around the neighborhood. You can also enroll in a yoga class so that you can have peace in every aspect of your body and mind. Or, you can do tai chi, boxing, or mixed martial arts, depending on your taste and capability. Whatever form of exercise you will do in your line of work as an IT Support Portland professional, remember never to overdo it. Do enough workouts to boost your natural energy and keep you alive, active, and happy. Plus, by exercising, you stay fit and well, which is great for your profession. You will not easily get sick, so your bosses are always proud of your performance at work.

Negativity can never make you happy, so practice gratefulness instead. Be thankful for everything good in your life, regardless if it’s with your personal life or work life. Be grateful even for the smallest things, and stay positive always. Being grateful makes you feel good, which in turn makes you happy. Appreciate the simplest things in your home or office and anywhere you go. Be grateful even for the smooth flow of traffic or the peaceful ride in the elevator. When you are thankful, you have peace and harmony inside, which keeps you smiling and with a positive vibe. And as an IT Support Portland professional, you need to have a positive outlook in life to be better at what you do in your professions. By being grateful and happy, you can solve technical problems with a clear mind and a positive attitude. And if you keep up this serenity within you, you can be pegged as a good leader for a team of ITs in your company.

Deep breathes
There will be times when it is hard to stay happy, especially when dealing with a difficult cyber attack situation. But what you can do is to take deep breathes and get control of your emotions. Smile, and feel the happiness start to grow in your heart. Be as composed as you can be because cramming and having negative thoughts will not do you any good in times of a battle between the good and the bad ITs. Stay calm, and fight to secure the networks and systems that you are protecting as an IT Support Portland professional.

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