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IT Support Portland Professionals: Child Safety At Home

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IT Support Portland Professionals do have families, whether with a spouse and children or with nieces and nephews. And if you have your own children, then as a good parent, you must do everything you can to protect your kids at all costs. At home, it is your utmost responsibility to keep your young ones safe, and so in this blog, we will explore the list of things that you can do in order to prevent any harm to your children. Because the thing is, even if you are always at home or have someone to watch over your kids, there are still so many things that could go wrong at your house. So no matter how busy you are at work as an IT Support Portland Professional, keep your children safe at home no matter what.
Secure furniture
Please keep all your furniture secure at home by attaching them to the wall or floor to ensure that your furniture will not fall on your children while playing around the house. Kids can definitely get rowdy and messy, so it is always better to stay safe by keeping your furniture secure.
Turn off gas range
Thousands of house fires start with gas range or stoves that are not turned off properly by the homeowners. So you need to double-check your kitchen every after cooking. And before you go to sleep at night, check again. Do this, especially if you will leave your kids at home alone with a nanny or a family member during the day while you work as an IT Support Portland Professional. Also, if the person taking care of your kids needs to cook meals for your children, then make sure that he or she will pay attention to the gas range or stove in the kitchen.
Lock all windows
It is crucial to keep your windows closed to avoid having the cold or high temperature seeps into your home and get your children sick. Also, by closing your windows, you are making sure that your kids do not accidentally get hurt or get out of the house unnoticed, or worst, fall off the window from the second floor or other floors. More importantly, closing all your windows, especially at night, is a sign that you are protecting your whole family from criminals who like getting into homes to rob them. So whenever you are not at home or when the night comes, or even when you are home, always make sure that your windows are not open.
Unplug electrical appliances
You must protect your kids and your whole family from fire or electrocution by making perfectly sure that all your electric appliances are unplugged every time they are done being used. As an IT Support Portland Professional, you are quite familiar with the way electricity works, so keep your appliances off the outlets when not in use, especially during the night. And aside from safety, you can actually save on your electricity bill, since even when not in use, your home appliances can still generate electricity usage.
Install alarms for carbon dioxide & smoke
Carbon dioxide is a dangerous chemical that can lead to fatality in any home, so make sure that you install a carbon dioxide alarm and also a smoke alarm in your home to avoid danger in your home. This is a precaution that you need to take in order to keep your family safe from monoxide poisoning. Though you could argue that this does not happen often, but if it does, then better be prepared. Also, having an alarm that focuses on any form of smoke is definitely helpful in your home.
Lock the gate
Kids often are very adventurous, and they would be likely to grab every chance they get to explore their surroundings. And so, as a full-time IT Support Portland Professional and a parent, you need to make sure always to close your home gate. You must not give your kids reason to sneak out, especially if you have little ones. Locking the gate also protects your whole family from bad people. So keep your place safe and your kids at home by closing the gate.
Cover electrical outlets
When there are kids in the house, it is extremely important to cover all electrical outlets to prevent disasters once your children start playing. Kids are known to play with anything they can get their hands on, like metal forks or anything with metal edges, and they insert them into the electrical outlets. This is a deadly act, and you can prevent this from happening by covering all the outlets in your house.
Utilize corner cushions
One of the most important safety precautions that you can do for your kids is to install corner cushions all-around your home in every piece of furniture in your house. This is especially important if you have toddlers or very young kids at home. As an IT Support Portland Professional, you must know that it is not enough to secure only your home network but also your whole house. And corner cushions can do that for you.
Shorten window cords
Window cords are actually dangerous things in your home that you often overlooked. Kids can play with them, and if they are not careful, they could strangle themselves while playing. And with less supervision, your children could end up getting hurt. To shorten your window cords, or find a way to do without them. You must do whatever you can to protect your kids from hard, so keep your window cords out of reach of children, shorten them, or eliminate them from your windows.
Final say
Having a family is great, and children are the best. And to keep your family safe and healthy, make sure to put on all the safety protocols at your house. Your kids are the most important people in your life, so keep them safe at all costs, as a dedicated parent and as an IT Support Portland Professional.

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