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IT Support Portland Professionals Benefits from Yoga

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When you work as an IT support Portland professional, you need to keep your body healthy and fit, as well as gain balance in your life. Your physique, mental state, emotional state, and spiritual state must be well balanced in order to have the clarity to perform your job an IT service specialist. You need a super clear and calm state of mind in order to perform your job excellently. You need to always remember that presence of mind is absolutely required form you especially if you are fighting against a black hat hacker. You need to have your complete wits with you while you work, so a regular yoga activity is definitely what you need to leverage yourself in the IT support company that you work for.

Physical health and fitness

Your responsibilities as a dedicated IT support Portland professional require you to sit on your chair and stare at your computer for the whole shift. And in this process you acquire many discomforts, like back pain, coccyx discomfort, spine ache, muscle and nerve pains, and more. You may have noticed that the more months you put into your work, the more you struggle with maintaining your good posture. And that is why you need to enroll in yoga classes in order to relax your whole body and get rid of your physical difficulties. Yoga alleviates your lumbar pain, headaches, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other chronic pain in your whole body.

Reduce blood pressure

Your blood pressure becomes unstable especially when you are in a cyber battle ground, fighting for the networks and systems of your clients. The pressure of outwitting your nemesis online keeps your blood pressure high, and constant rise in your blood pressure is not good for your health. But when you engage in yoga, your blood pressure is reduced, and you can work better as an IT support Portland professional if your health is top notch. So when you work, you never have to worry about not feeling well due to high blood pressure.

Reduce the occurrence of insomnia

Many IT support specialists suffers from insomnia, and if you are one of those ITs who finds it hard to sleep at night, then you should try out yoga. When you engage in yoga your body becomes completely relaxed, and your circadian clock is properly aligned and you can sleep better at night. You should indulge in yoga so your insomnia is reduced significantly. And when you get enough hours of sleep every day, then you can show up for work the next day completely rejuvenated, refreshed, and naturally energized. You do need sleep in order to perform your work better in the IT industry.

Improved flexibility and muscle strength

A lot of people may think that sitting all day working on the computers is a great job, mostly because it does not require physical exertion. But the truth is, your body is in full alert when you execute your responsibilities as IT support Portland professional. Primarily, you are using your hands and finger to type so fast, much faster than the regular typing speed. And when you sit on your chair, you are using your spine to sit properly, your bottom to support your body, and your arms to keep your hands stable. In order to improve your flexibility and strength of your muscles, you need yoga. This kind of exercise improves your flexibility, and it promotes muscle strength.

Weight reduction

Regardless of the profession, too much fat in the body hinders any person from working properly, due to many issues that a rounded body brings. If you have too many fats stored in your body, you can experience shortness of breath, constant fatigue, palpitation, and more. Any symptom can lead to physical hindrance of your job. So you must do yoga in order to lose weight. And once you lose weight, you feel lighter in your strides, and you can work better as a reliable IT support Portland professional.

Mental benefits

Engaging in regular yoga comes with mental benefits as well, and the most important advantage is the stress management. It is a known fact that your job is very stressful, and so you need yoga to clear your mind and eliminate your stress. You need mental clarity and undivided focus when you are preserving the cyber security of many companies. And that level of concentration and presence of mind can be achieved when you are a fan of yoga.

Yoga can also help you see things more in a positive way. There is a darkness in the web that you can surely feel, especially when you are exposed to the bad things that black hat hackers do to exploit the company data, networks, and systems of your clients. You would need to play dirty sometimes and even think like cyber criminals in order to win the cyber battle. And that immersion into the dark side can cost you your peace of mind. But the good news is yoga can do wonders to your mind. It can clear your mind from all the negativity in the world, so you can continue working in the IT support Portland company with a positive disposition.

Emotional state

Your line of work is challenging and rewarding, but sometimes it can take a toll on your emotions. Many emotional distresses can occur that comes from work or home, and you need to regain composure in your emotional state so you cannot risk jeopardizing your work because of your emotions. And when you engage in regular yoga sessions, you have the opportunity to let go of your anger, fear, disgust, annoyance, sadness, and all other negative emotions that are starting to cloud you judgment. And when you emotions are well managed and controlled, you can perform your tasks better as a dedicated IT support Portland professional. Plus, you get the perks of meeting new interesting people outside your field of work.

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