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IT Support Portland Professionals Become Black Hat Hackers

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There are so many IT support Portland professionals in the country who are very serious with their work and they dedicated their life to the betterment of the companies that they serve with their IT services. However, it is also true that there are a couple of IT professionals who are swayed to the dark side and become black hat hackers. And in your IT support company, you need to take care of your IT employees so they will stay good and provide the best quality of service to your clients. In this post let us look at the main reasons why there are some IT professionals who prefer to do bad after doing good for so long. By knowing their reasons, you can help prevent this issue from plaguing your IT support Portland company.

Need for money

Like many black hat hackers, the need for money is a major driving force of IT professionals in turning from their good intentions and legit IT service company to becoming ITs who exploits individuals and businesses in order to gain money from their hacking activities. In this case there is not so much you can do as an IT service company owner. Unless you are willing to increase your employee’s salaries in order to meet the standards that they are looking for. But the problem with people with the desperate need for money is, they are in need of a lot, which is most beyond what you can pay them. And even if you pay them higher compensation, are they worth it? Are you really willing to jeopardize the finances of your business in order to save your IT professionals from turning to the dark side? What you can do is to always remind them what is on the other side, and that is stealing, exploitation, and running form the law. If you can help them find ways to get the money they need, then you are successful in keeping them in your IT support Portland company.

Lack of appreciation

There are IT professionals who feel so unappreciated in their work and they feel negatively about it. They keep their feelings inside until such point when their disappointment builds up and they escape the crutches of their work and run towards the side of black hat hackers. This is not an isolated case, since many IT professionals, and also other type of employees feel this way if their bosses cannot recognize their contribution to the company. And to prevent your good ITs to turn dark, you must find the time and energy to support every single IT professionals under your employ. Even by just patting them in the back or acknowledging their presence in the office, your IT professionals will greatly appreciate your gesture. So make sure that you have the time to bond with your employees, even for just a few minutes in order to give your thanks for jobs well done. And once your employed IT support Portland professionals feel appreciated for their hard work, they will have less reason to want to quit your IT service firm and become black hat hackers. You need to always keep in mind that a simple appreciation will go a long way to the ITs who idolizes you for your excellence in cybersecurity.

Desire for challenge

IT professionals are highly intelligent people who can see things that normal people cannot. They can see patterns and codes, create them, execute them, and improve them whenever they want. However, if these experts become stagnant in their work and they cannot feel any challenge with their jobs, then they would look for a more challenging task that can exercise their minds. They may even think of taking on the roles of black hat hackers in order to achieve the challenge that they need. So be considerate with your IT support Portland professionals, and give them more challenging projects that will greatly improve their skills. This is actually a win-win situation for you, because once your ITs are equipped with higher technical skills, they can perform better with their jobs in your IT service company.

Bad influence

You have been around in the IT industry for a long time, and so you are aware that there are bad influences all over the country. If your employed IT professionals are easily influenced and gullible, then they are more likely to run to the other side in order to follow their bad influencers. If this is the case there is really little that you can do, because you cannot force people to change their personalities overnight. However, what you can do is help these IT experts face their own self by suggesting retreats or counseling. They need to face their own vulnerabilities, but if you see that these people are really gullible, then it is indeed better to let them go. You need IT support Portland professionals are strong in their resolve to do good, and not be swayed by whispers of sweet promises from the black hat hackers. You must build a strong and company that grows stronger by its ITs, and not by weak individuals who will crumble at the first sight of doubt.


If IT professionals do want to turn into black hat hackers, you can do only so much to convince them to stay. Determine of your employees are worth to hold on to, and of they are, then try to keep them in the light. But if the IT experts are more than halfway to the dark side, then let them go. Trying to keep them will not result good for your company. They may even become a liability to your business that will bring your down with them. Trust in the IT support Portland professionals who are strong in their beliefs for good IT, and let go those who are not strong enough to fight temptations to become dark hats.

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