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IT Support Portland Professional Talks About Avoidable Mistakes In Buying A Laptop

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As an IT support Portland professional, you always need a laptop with you wherever you go. Regardless if you’re in the office, at home, or anywhere you go. Having a laptop anywhere you are is becoming a habit that is hard to break, especially in your line of work. And so when your current device gave up on you, you need to purchase a new one real fast. In your profession you are quite knowledgeable in what laptop to choose. But of course, you are still human and you are prone to making mistakes in your choices. And so in this post we have compiled the most common mistakes in purchasing a laptop that you can avoid. After all, you need the best and most efficient device in order to make your job easier and more productive.

Purchasing the cheapest laptop

Your profession as an IT support Portland professional allows you to earn a lot of money. So don’t make the mistake of purchasing the cheapest laptop in the highest quality of brands. You know too well that low price is often associated with lesser quality, and that is not something you want. Always opt for the quality and efficiency of the laptop, rather than choosing the lowest price.

Spending too much

Okay, so you have the money to spend on the most expensive laptop in the world. But sometimes, paying more than you need is a waste of money. Pay for a laptop that has all the features and specs you need to do your job better, but don’t go overboard with your choice with the features that you absolutely do not need. But of course, the decision is yours, and that’s your money. But you also need to think about how you spend your hard-earned money.

Purchasing for “today”

One of the biggest mistakes in buying a new device is the intent of purchasing for the purpose of ‘today”, for the present use only. You may be in a habit of upgrading your technology and buying new gadgets as soon as they are out, but you need to consider how your work is handled with a laptop that is not guaranteed to last for a long time. Your job as a reliable IT support Portland professional requires you to have a device that can withstand constant abuse. You simply cannot just purchase a laptop that is only good to be used until the next model comes out. Look for something that is long-lasting and commit to this device. It is better to have a laptop that you can tweak, update, and upgrade using your IT skills and nurture its performance for the years to come.

Disregarding ports

You need to pay attention to the available ports in laptops. Many modern devices today do not have all the ports you need to perform your job excellently. So make sure that you will purchase a laptop that comes with the needed ports for your job as IT support Portland professional. But if in case your desired laptop does not contain the ports you need, then make sure to buy the necessary adapters.

Choosing the highest resolution above everything else

A 4K screen display is no doubt excellent for viewing purposes, but it is not great for your battery life. In your line of work you need a laptop that can last for hours, especially if you are working outside the office. As much as a high resolution can enhance your screen viewing, this feature drains your battery faster. So settle for a 1080p so you can save battery and money. However, you do have the option to purchase a 4K display and spend loads of money on an extremely high-end laptop. Your money, your choice. But be smart about it, and remember you need it for to do your job as IT support Portland professional.

Buying without testing

Your career choice demands you to try out a new laptop before buying, but there are instances when you simply do not have the time to do so, or you completely trust the computer shop enough not to test their product. But no matter the circumstance, you must make it a point to test out the new device before you take out your wallet. With that said, buy a laptop from a brick and mortar store, and not online. There is nothing wrong with ordering online, especially in this time of worldwide pandemic. But it is best to be able to touch and test out the new device before buying it.

Ignoring the size

Laptops do come in different sizes, and that is not just for show. It is a big mistake to think that the size does not matter, because it does. A large screen is great for viewing comfort, but the portability is sacrificed. Choose a laptop size that is suitable for your needs. Look into the portability of the product, since you would be bring your laptop with you to execute your job as a highly skilled IT support Portland professional.

Obsessing over a single specification

It is quite normal to obsess about one specification in a laptop, but it is absolutely a mistake to choose a laptop for one requirement only. Learn to compromise, since your favorite spec may not be fully integrated in the laptop that you have in mind. When you purchase a new laptop for your work, make sure that you look at all the specs, and not just focus on one.

Not focusing on power

Buying the slimmest laptop is a good idea, or the smallest. But you need to consider the power of the device. Performing your job cannot be easy with a laptop that only holds beauty. You also need a device that can handle too much pressure without letting you down. Use your skills and knowledge as an IT support Portland professional to choose a very powerful laptop for work.

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