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IT Support Portland Professional Procrastinating Habit

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Procrastination is a nasty habit for an IT Support Portland professional. The IT industry requires people who work hard and do their tasks on a given time, and not put off working until it is almost time to submit the job. But, as a procrastinator you know too well that when you panic to get the job done, the quality of your work is not good, and you always, always wish that you did not go through this lazy route. And the thing is, you always go through the cycle of accepting an IT project, then you laze around and look for other nonsense things to do just to excuse yourself from doing the work immediately. And then later on you panic and cramming happen, and you are so tight with time that you wish you get the work done sooner. And then the cycle begins again, and again and again. And for all your years working for an IT Support Portland company, more than half of your time is spent procrastinating. But you have come to a point where you sincerely want to break the cycle and be a productive IT support professional. Your job may also be at risk especially if your superiors are aware of your bad habit. And so it is time to let go of your procrastination habit by following the tips we have for you.

Determine if you are a procrastinator

You need to understand that there is a huge difference between being a procrastinator and simply being lazy. When you are lazy, you are putting off doing your job because you do not want to do anything at all. But with procrastination, you are doing something else even though you know that you are delaying your work for the most important task. And by knowing the difference between laziness and procrastination, you can figure out if you truly are a procrastinator, and admit it to yourself. By determining that you are one, you are giving yourself a chance to redeem yourself as a reliable IT Support Portland professional. You will know for sure that you are a procrastinator if you display the following symptoms:

  • Waste time on less important tasks and forego completing the important ones.
  • Spend your working hours doing low-priority work instead of focusing on what is truly significant.
  • Waiting for the right time to perform your job, which is basically depending on your mood and whenever you feel like doing it.
  • You go through important emails over and over again without really finding the resolution or the right answer. There is just that need inside of you to delay answering and reading them multiple times just to for the sake of re-reading.

And when you admit to yourself that you are a procrastinator, you can start your journey to healing yourself, and stop the bad cycle that you always find yourself repeating. Once you get rid of your bad habit, you can become more efficient and productive in your job as an IT Support Portland professional.

Figure out why you are a procrastinator

There are different reasons why people procrastinate, and you must find out why you are doing this. Could it be that the IT job assigned to you is too boring? Or are you not finding happiness and satisfaction in what you need to do? Whatever your reasons are, you need to understand that by accepting your bad habit and finding out the source of procrastinating attitude, you can put an end to the loop and continue your career in the IT world with more dedication and passion.

Incorporate anti-procrastination tactics

As a bad habit, procrastination cannot be stopped overnight. It takes hard work to rid yourself of this problem, and there are techniques that can help you out.

  • Self-forgiveness is a powerful tool that is helpful in overcoming this bad habit. You need to forgive yourself sincerely from all the times when your procrastination almost cost you your job, and for doing it again and again even when you know that is can lead to losing your job in the IT Support Portland company that you work for.
  • Give a strong commitment to perform your tasks as soon as you receive them, and not find excuses to do other things instead of focusing on your main job. Make sure that you can follow through with your commitment, even if you take it gradually.
  • Treat yourself with a reward every time you finish an important task immediately after the task assignment. Choose your favorite things to do or eat as a reward, and you will learn to appreciate the beauty of completing tasks.
  • Ask your superior or colleague to constantly follow up with your progress, because being under pressure usually works in helping you achieve your goals of letting go of your nasty habit and getting your work done.
  • Practice a new good habit of doing your tasks as soon as they come, and not let them pile up and start doing them when the deadline is very near. Always keep in mind that the IT industry does not tolerate delays in the job, since a delay can cause a breach in the networks and systems of the clients of the IT Support Portland company.
  • Reduce the risk of distraction in your workplace. Turn off the notifications for your social media accounts, and allow apps that are business related only to give you notifications on your phone or computer.

Think of the consequences of procrastination

You have always come close to losing your job because you procrastinate. So when you are starting to give in to your bad habit, force yourself to think of the possible consequences of doing so, like losing your job as the major consequence. Of course you cannot afford to lose your bread and butter, so make sure that your long-term position in the IT Support Portland company is preserved at all cost.

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