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IT Support Portland IT Realities You Should Know About

IT Support Portland is a popular service that is provided by the brilliant people of Information Technology. They are often branded as geeks, but their genius cannot be denied when it comes to providing technical resolutions. IT services evolved over the years, and that is mainly because technology continues to grow and change for the better. In fact, there are many things about the evolution of technology that you probably have no idea that they happened. In this post we look at a couple of facts about technology that will surely leave you speechless. By knowing how Information Technology has developed since the past times, you can finally understand how the current IT Support Portland becomes what it is today. So let us explore the past of Information Technology.

Pre-WWW email existence

Did you know that in 1984, emails already exist even if the World Wide Web was non-existent at that time? Yes, people were able to send emails back then without a web. They simply needed a computer and what they call a rotary telephone back in the days. And the service used to send the emails was known as “Micronet”. And since there was no WWW in those days, the email addresses did not contain URLs. And the email users in that decade were using numbered web pages, specifically 7776 web page number. And now, in the modern world, emails are connected to URLs and the World Wide Web. It is easier to send and receive emails, and thanks to IT Support Portland has to offer, it is now fast and easy to resolve any email issue. That is why every company in the country must hire IT support, so the production of their people will not be hindered by email technical problems.

Free Domains Up to 1995

Believe it or not, there were years when owning a domain is actually free! In the 1980s, the internet was not a popular technology and only a bunch of people were interested in collecting domains. And so back then the domains were free. But, Network Solutions realized the significance of domains and so they bid and won the rights to start charging individuals and companies for owning their own domain in the internet in 1995. And back then it was certainly not cheap to own a domain. Users needed to pay a standard amount of $100 domain registration good for 2 years. Luckily about 30% of the fees were given to the National Science Foundation. And since 1995, with domains already for sale, the recent domain technical issues are handled by the capable hands of IT Support Portland. That is one of the main reasons why companies hire IT service companies to take care of their domains and system, because it is not cheap to maintain a domain and their business depends on it.

92% of the world’s currency is digital

As shocking as it may sound, the fact is 92% of the currency all over the world is digital. Businesses, individuals, organizations, and businesspeople relies on credit cards, debit cards, and online transactions to complete their personal or business needs. Money does not exchange hands anymore like the good old days where you carry bills with you to transact your business or buy things. Nowadays, it is best to swipe your card or use online banking to complete deals or buy your needs. And as modern and sophisticated as that may sound, the prospect of online banking is actually scary. Hackers can find ways to steal money online, and that is exactly why every business must have their own dedicated IT Support Portland to guard their system against hackers and protect their money.

15 years old hacker

In 1999, Jonathan James was a 15 years old teenager who became the youngest ever person to hack the secure system of NASA, which is an outstanding unit of the United States Department of Defence. James was able to access a source code that is intended for the utilization of the International Space Station, which is responsible for the management of the temperature and humidity of the highly innovated and expensive space station. Because of the successful hack of this young brilliant mind, NASA was forced to turn off all of their computers for almost a month and that made them lose $41,000. James was 6 when he was sentenced for his crime. And so these days, NASA has an extremely secure technical support, just like IT Support Portland.

Anti-vandal bots in Wikipedia

Wikipedia has been around for years, and when it first started any user can add or modify any information without restriction. But this leniency caused a lot of people to input false information just for the sake of contributing something. And so recently Wikipedia developed what they call anti-vandal bots that brings back the original documents after vandalism is detected by the 2000 bots. And there are 40,000,000 Wikipedia pages online that these bots are monitoring to ensure that only qualified and quality changes and addition are done for Wikipedia. No more false information, expect of course if  genius hacker can hack the system. And to prevent any of the same things to happen to other sites, it is best to hire the best IT Support Portland in the country to fight hackers.

Bottom line

The technological world never cease to evolve, and companies do need the best IT Support Portland in order to protect their businesses from falling apart. However, not all IT service companies are the best at what they do, and not all are compatible with all businesses out there. It is vastly important to create a standard, so you can easily pick which one suits your company better. Always bear in mind that Information Technology is never stagnant and it always find ways to evolve into something more than what it is. Be prepared for whatever may come next, and have IT Support Portland.

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