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IT Support Portland Introduce Internet To Junior High Students

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IT Support Portland professionals have flexibility in their jobs. So when you are ready to retire from being one of the most popular and highly recommended ITs in the country, maybe you can share your knowledge with junior high students in your locality and teach them about the internet. Of course, you would need to start from the basics, which is easy for you, but not so for your future mentees. And to be an exceptional teacher, you need to brush up on your internet lessons. In this post, we will go back to your younger age and learn about the internet.

Internet history

The internet, like all other things in this world, has a beginning. Its prototype was established in the 60s and was then called the ARPANET, which stands for the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network. As a smart IT Support Portland professional, you know this by heart. And on January 1, 1983, the TCIP/IP was first run by ARPANET. From that moment, brilliant researchers started creating a “network of networks,” and that became the start of the challenging process of developing what is now known as the internet. In the year 1973, when people are starting to use the word: internet”, and in 1981, the internet was categorized by former U.S. Vice President Al Gore as the “Information Superhighway.” 

World Wide Web

WWW or World Wide Web is also known as “The Web,” or “W3”. It is a type of service that utilizes the internet in order to function. You need to clearly explain this aspect to your students because it is a common misconception that the internet and the web are the same. And you can better explain this since you worked as an IT Support Portland professional for a long time. Also, the fact is, the internet is a host, while the World Wide Web is a client. In a nutshell, the world wide web is an interlinked assemblage of data that is kept in servers, computers, and all other devices all over the world. The world wide web utilizes what is called HTTP or Hypertext Transfer Protocol, and the pages of data that show the linked documents are called Web pages. 

Common internet terms

The internet comes with various terms that are common for everyone who uses the internet. And these common terms are:

l Radio/option button

l Flame

l E-mail

l Address

l Browser

l Download

l Chat room

l FTP or File Transfer Protocol

l Homepage

l Image or picture

l Hypertext Markup Language or HTML

l Hypertext Transfer Protocol or HTTP

l Index or catalog

l Local Folder/Site

l Internet

l Spider

l Search engine

l Lurking

l PM or private message

l Search engine utility

l Spam

l Protocol

l Newsgroup

l Text field object

l Text editor

l Uniform Resource or URL

l Web site or website

l Webpage or web page

l Upload

As an IT Support Portland professional for a long time, you are familiar with these terms and all that they entail. That is why you would never have a hard time teaching these terms to your soon to be students. But of course, you need to make sure that you know how to communicate with them properly.

Kinds of internet connection

You of all people know that there are different kinds of internet connection. And these are:

Broadband connection – internet transmission travels through a strong and dedicated connection wire. It is a high-speed connection that ranges from 128 kbps to 8.45 Mbps.

Dial-up connection – temporary internet connection that utilizes phone lines. The speed of the internet is usually around 2400 bps to 56 kbps. 

Wireless internet connection – wireless broadband or Wi-Fi uses bands of radiofrequency, and the speed of the wireless connection is typically within 256 kbps and 10 Mbps.

ISDN or Integrated Services Digital Network Connection – this type of internet connection uses the digital signal, and the range of internet connection is about 64 Kbps and 1.54 Mbps.

As an IT Support Portland professional, you should also discuss to your future learners the other types of internet connections, which are:

u Cable

u Frame relay

u T1

u T2

u ADSL or DSL or Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line

u Satellite

u Fractional T1 or Flexible DS1

u OC-1 or Optical Carrier

u OC-3 or Optical Carrier

Kinds of web sites

Let us review the different types of web sites on the internet.

Personal website – this is a form of self-expression website that is created by individuals to express their rights to the freedom of speech. This type of website typically involves biography, blogs about various niches, resumes, and other kinds of personal stuff to share with the world. 

Commercial web site – this is a kind of web site that is created in order to market and advertise products and services. This is for commercial use, and often it includes processing of payment. In this world where black hat hackers are abundant, IT Support Portland professionals are extremely needed to safeguard the commercial web sites in order to protect them against data theft.

Organizational or topical web site – this is a type of web site that is used by organizations, clubs, or groups in order to convey their own message to anyone who will listen. It could talk about all sorts of things that involve a group, and not about something personal or commercial. 

Internet uses

There is no question regarding the immense usage and help of the internet in the modern world. People are using the web to communicate with everyone all over the world, and businesses are using the internet to process their transactions. Products and services are exposed to the world thanks to the internet, but of course, there is a need to be vigilant about cybersecurity. That is why, at a young age, your future students must learn the importance of being IT Support Portland professionals.

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