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IT Support Portland How to Become the Employee of the Month

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Like all other companies, most IT support Portland firms has a program where they recognize an employee of the month for his superior skills and beyond the norm performance in cybersecurity and safeguarding client networks and systems. And if you are aiming to get that spot in your IT support company, then you better start listening to tips on how you can become the next employee of the month. Luckily, in this post we will discuss about the things you can do to secure that position yourself. And of course, once you get the taste the monthly recognition, you cannot allow to be dethroned. It would surely hurt your ego to have someone else take the crown from you after a month. So work hard not only to be recognized as the next month’s employee of the month, but aspire to retain the throne as the IT support Portland company employee of the month every month. Do not be a one time wonder, but keep your status. The more you maintain your monthly recognition, the more you are gearing towards a definite promotion. Always keep in mind that promotions are more likely to be given to employees who are always performing better compared to other IT support specialists. Who know, within a year, you become the new IT Manager.

Determine the requirements

Since the IT service company that you work for is giving of awards monthly, then it follows that they provide the requirements and qualifications for the recognition. Make sure that you know every single requirement that is needed, and work hard on fulfilling those requirements. If there are 10 requirements, then focus on attaining all 10, and not just concentrate on what you are good at. To be a genuine employee of the month, you must possess all the good qualities that are required to fill the company status for employee of the month in the IT support Portland company.

Excel in your work

It does make sense that if you want to be the next employee of the month, that you are the best at what you do. Excel in your work as an IT support professional, and show everyone that you deserve the crown. Go the extra miles for your clients, and always think ahead of black hat hackers. It is crucial that no one can beat you in performance. You must be on top of your game, and your co-workers are far behind you. Remember that an IT support professional who is slacking off or not performing well will never get the chance to become employee of the month.

Always be on time

Your dedication to your work shows with your ability to always come to work on time, and most especially if you come way before the time and always the first to arrive. One of the obvious criteria for getting the employee of the month award is punctuality, so make it a point to wake up very early and go to the office early. And when the shift is over, do not be so antsy to get up on the dot and leave. Finish up some of your work, and leave the premises of the IT support Portland company when a considerably number of employees already left. Bosses do like it when their employees stay at the office longer to get the job done.

Build good relationships with your peers

An employee of the month is not only excellent in IT skills or punctual, but this IT support professional also has a good working relationship with all the other employees in the company, especially with the bosses. And so if you want to be considered as the next employee of the month, then do not start fights with your colleagues, stay away from gossips, never take sides, and be friendly with everyone else. Employee of the months are typically those who are well-liked by their peers inside the IT support Portland company, so start making good connections before it is too late.

Good business relationship with clients

You are responsible for handling the cybersecurity of the company clients, so make sure that you are in good terms with your clients. Build a positive rapport that will be enough to be remembered. Create good impressions to your clients, so they will talk good things about you to your bosses. By being good to your clients, your bosses will surely recognize your efforts and consider you as the next employee of the month. So do whatever you can to stand out, and secure your spot for the award for the next months to come.

Be presentable at all times

When you come to the office, always wear clothing that is quite presentable. You do not need to buy expensive and designer clothes unless you want to. Just simply look professional enough that you catch the attention of your bosses, and be regarded as a good dresser by your peers. Never allow yourself to look crappy when you enter the offices of the IT support Portland company. Looking good is absolutely a factor in the selection of the employee of the month award, so make sure to press your clothes every day.

Always be prepared

You never know what can happen, so make it a point to always come prepared for work. Do not leave your work laptop at home, or bring the necessary accessories to meeting, or anything that you can use in case of emergencies or unexpected occurrences within the company or with your client’s businesses. Always expect the expected within the bounds of your job, and show your peers, bosses, and clients that you deserve to be the employee of the month next, and for the coming months. Besides, receiving this kind of monthly award is no doubt a huge boost of your pride as an exceptional IT support Portland professional in the company that your work for every day.

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