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IT Support Portland Game Developer Traits To look For

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IT support Portland professionals have many talents when it comes to technology. And one of their skills is to develop online games for PCs, mobile phones, consoles, and others. And if your company is in need of professionals to design and create a game for your business, then you must hire a team that has the right traits for a game developer.


Game developers needs to have intense passion for online games in order to create the best games in the world. Playing online games since childhood should be a hobby that gradually developed into a skill in game development as years go by. Without passion, a game developer cannot develop intuitive and people-games. Though technical skills are needed for this job, passion is the ultimate trait that you need to look for. With pure love for online games and game creation, the best IT support Portland game developer have complete and unquestionable dedication on developing the kind of game you want.


Your chosen game developer must not only follow instructions or create virtual games according to traditional standards and guidelines. There must be creativity in the creation of the game, or else the game will turn out to be dull, repetitive, and does not compel emotions. And in the gaming world, a virtual game must touch the feelings of players and gain their attention for the game to succeed.

Updated on the gaming trends

Of course, you need a game developer that is always updated and in the know of the latest gaming trends in the world. Game creators need to have insight and knowledge about what the latest online games are, what are popular, and what are players drawn to at the moment. By understanding and knowing what is going on in the online game industry, a game developer can design the best virtual game that represents what the current craze is all about with online gaming.


Most of the time, game developers work together as a team in order to throw in ideas and brainstorm on the structure of the game. It is important to hire a team of IT support Portland game developers that works together without prejudice, jealousy, or any ill-feeling towards other team members. Teamwork is vital to the success of the game, and it is significant in keeping up with the deadline as well.


Developing an excellent game can try out any man’s patience. And so when you are looking for the best game developer, consider someone who is known to have bottomless patience. You cannot risk giving the job to game creators who does not have the patience to perfect and wait for an online game to fully develop. You need a professional who works hard, and is always willing to review the work and make modifications when needed.

Analytical mind

It is absolutely a must to have an analytical mind for people who are developing games. So when you interview for candidates to fill the vacant position of IT support Portland game developer, you must test the brains of your applicants. Some will be more intelligent than others, and it is up to you to figure out who has the analytical brain that is most useful for your game creation project. But of course, with the analytical mind, check also for the capability to integrate emotions and passion into the job. It is vastly important to combine passion and brain as a game developer, to produce an online game that can relate to a wider audience.

Excellent communication skills

Professionals in the IT industry are commonly known to be quiet people with few words, though this of course does not apply to all. But most ITs all over the world do have a tendency to keep themselves, and many are even introverts with their own world. However, excellent communication skill is crucial as a game maker. And so when you line up your prospects for the job, make sure that you choose IT support Portland professionals who can communicate well.

Communication is essential in the IT world, and you need people who can relay their information in layman’s terms without shooting jargons and technical terms that you or other non-IT personnel cannot fathom. Hire game developers who are brilliant in their virtual game creation skills, and can also hold their own when they communicate with you or other people. With good communication, there will be no issue with transparency and the development process of the online game is smooth.

Storytelling skills

Making an online game is like telling a story that is intriguing enough for the players to follow. It is not all about the technicalities or the weapons or the survival modes. No online game player will ever be interested in a virtual game that has no deep concept or lacks a wonderful story. And so in your quest to develop a new trendy online game, you must choose to work with IT support Portland game developers who know how to create an excellent concept of a story for a virtual game, and knows how to translate and convey that story into a wonderful game.

Withstand extreme pressure

The competition in game development is tough, and game makers often push themselves too hard in order to stay ahead of the competition. So you need to hire game developers who can handle even the most extreme pressure in the job. Your company needs people who will not crash when the pressure is too much. Of course, you need to give your game developers space to breathe and unwind. But with pure dedication to the job, the best professionals will not rest until the project is done with excellence.

Keep in mind that it is their pride and joy to complete a virtual game that will set the trend in the gaming industry. So you need IT support Portland game developers who are willing to make sacrifices.

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