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IT Support Portland Fights The Works of Cybercriminals

In this post we will talk about the sophisticated works of cyber criminals and how a reliable and efficient IT Support Portland can help your business fight off and survive their pre-meditated attacks on your network. We will cover a couple of methods they use to create an initial cyber attack to your network in the hopes that your system is vulnerable and cannot do anything to stand its ground. Always remember that the initial attack mostly bears a malicious code that they try to infiltrate into your network in order to wreck havoc to your network. Luckily, you have the means to ensure that your network is safe and secure. However, it would be beneficial for you to find out how exactly do hackers initially attacks your network. By learning of their tricks, your business can avoid potential contact with malicious wares. And with the constant and reliable guidance of your IT Support Portland, your whole network stays intact.

Drive-by style downloads

This is a hacking technique that starts with tricking you to open an unknown website that is actually hosting numerous browsers that consists of exploitable plugins, obscured borders, and malicious files that are can be downloaded into your network without you knowing. These kind of downloads are usually about stuffs that you are interested in, so you need to make sure that you validate a downloadable file before you click download.

To protect your network, you need to consult your IT Support Portland on what kind of secure browser to use, where it is always updated and the plugins can be fully trusted. Your technical support can run a recommended antimalware solution that can ensure that the browser you are using is up to date and utterly secure without malwares or malicious files.

Manipulating unrestricted facing applications

This malicious technique is all about exploiting the common glitches in the network, bugs, and other typical vulnerabilities that are found in a public network applications such as web servers, SSH network services, SMB2, and more. That is why it is crucial to make your applications secure by allowing our dedicated IT Support Portland to handle all the patches for you. They know how to ensure that your network is fully functional without any glitch in the system so you no longer need to worry about cyberattacks.

Your IT service team can help you optimize your network firewall so it becomes more safe and secure. Your business would also need to respect and implement the recommended software improvement’s best practices in order to abide by the technological world’s rules. And I is also the responsibility of your IT support team to check and recheck your network perimeter for any signs of vulnerability that could destroy your network in general. Plus, your technical team has the capability to monitor diligently your traffic and logs to check for uncharacteristic activities.

Addition of hardware

No matter how secure you think your network is, your company still faces threats when it is time for your offices to add new hardware like new computers, accessories, appliances, and other devices. The commercial products have the potential to contain malicious malwares or stealth network that can secretly manipulate your system once the hardware is connected to your network.

In order to fight this sneaky cyber attack, you need to get the assistance of the best IT Support Portland to check the safety of your network when new device are installed. They can also create a system that allows your network to make new policies about access control for your network, like secure cetificates for new hardware. Your technical support can also prohibit the utilization of DHCP for hardware or devices are registered only. Also, they are skilled enough to block the communication of your network with unregistered hardware. Most importantly, your efficient IT support team can disable the capability of your network to recognize untested external hardware and devices by using an advanced host defense mechanism.

Removable drive

Hackers are able to implement their very own rogue code on a company’s network through the use of an autorun feature. What cyber criminals do is change the original file name and then later on copy the file to a removable drive, and they insert the malware into the file where anyone authorized in your company can insert into your network and it will rapidly infect your system.

If in case this happens, you need to always be prepared by hiring the most reliable IT Support Portland in order to create a system that prohibits any removable media or drive to be used in any computer or device in your company. And so even if USB ports are still available in your computers, no one can use that feature since it is disabled. Also, your IT support cab turn off the autorun feature of your operating system. And they can install the most suitable and trustworthy antivirus software for your network.

Attachments and links spear-phishing

Cyber criminals are very good at creating emails, attachments, and links that are quite believable and sophisticated. However, these are phishing sources that could potentially bring malware and virus to your network. Your management team, and all your employees must refrain from opening emails from unknown sources. These emails typically comes in an enticing package, targeting what you like as individuals. Let everyone in your company know that they can only open work-related emails in the office.

Ask the help of your IT Support Portland to help make this happen for your company. They can create an Intrusion detection system or IDS in your network that effectively scans and monitors emails that contain malicious links and attachments and blocks them immediately so no one inside the company can access them and cause your company harm. Plus, your IT support can train your people on phishing emails and how to prevent them from clicking and opening anything that is not work related.

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