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IT Support Portland Facts About CyberSecurity

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Cybersecurity is an essential aspect of every company, may it be private or government owned businesses. As IT Support Portland, we understand the real threat and danger of not having a secure network that can completely protect your system against hackers. It is crucial for your business to hire a reputable IT support company to guard and secure your network in order to ward off cyber attacks. So you can understand better the seriousness of cybersecurity, it is best that we talk about a couple of facts about this matter.

Three prone industries

For years, there are three industries that always fall victim to cyber crimes, and they are government, technology, and retail. These industries are not complacent with their cybersecurity, but it just so happens that cyber criminals are targeting these three specifically because of the gold mine of information that these industries provide. People’s data are recorded in these three industries, like name, phone number, address, credit history, bank records, next of kin, and many more personal information that could prove useful for hackers to exploit in the web, or to blackmail their chosen victims. Once personal information about your customers gets out, your customer will not trust your business anymore. And what’s worst, they will let everyone they know about what happened, and in a short time hundreds, if not thousands of people will stop trusting your company. And when word spreads further, you could find yourself out of business. That is why you must hire the best IT Support Portland in the country so cyber crime is only an idea for your business that will never come to life.

Frequency of hacker attacks

Sad to say, there is an average of one hacker attack in every have a minute timeframe in the country. If your business is not completely secured, you could be next. You need to safeguard your network by getting the assistance of a reliable IT Support Portland that can ensure that hackers cannot find a hole to penetrate your system. Don’t take the chance that fate will not allow your company to suffer a cyberattack because you are good to your people, or because you give high compensation to your workers, or because you donate to charity. Your goodness as a person and a company owner has nothing to do with getting attacked by hackers.

Typical cyber crime victims

Unfortunately, cyber hackers mostly target small businesses because they are often those who do not have the finances to hire their own technical support, which is mainly wrong though they can’t help it. Small companies are viewed as the vulnerable sector when it comes to cybersecurity and that is often true. And in order to change the fate of small companies, they must set aside a budget for employing IT Support Portland. In truth, it costs less to pay technical support to defend your network compared to a handsome fee that you are inclined to pay once hackers successfully creeps into your network and holds your data hostage. Much worst, when your confidential information comes out, your business could face a ruin that your company may never recover from.

Human error mostly causes cyber breach

Truth be told, cyber breach by hacker usually happens because of human error. There are times when an authorized person fails to lock the system after using, or your management team could be complacent with their jobs and does not exercise safety protocols of your company so they unintentionally provides a leak where brilliant hackers can enter your network. Human error is something that ever company has to live with, since humans can really mistakes, no matter how careful they are. And to minimize human error from happening, you need the essential help from an expert IT Support Portland.

Many companies do have cyber security fight plans

One of the biggest mistakes that companies make is to ignore the serious threat of cyber crime. The fail to create a fight plan against hackers since they have blind belief that their ordinary firewall and free anti-virus are enough to fight against the sophistication of cyber criminals. But as an IT Support Portland, we are here to tell you to stop living in a fantasy world and wake up to reality in order to protect your business properly.

Security breach takes months to detect

The world revolves around social media and many people freely give out their personal information that are visible to everyone. And your company is not an exception. Your company website contains detail about you, your history as a person and as an entrepreneur, your employee’s background and personal details, and more about your business. Since you have documented, shared, and exposed everything online, then you are facing a huge risk that all your confidential data can be compromised. And the bad thing is, it could take months to find out what happened. But with a reliable IT Support Portland that stands by your company side, you can prevent the unfortunate data breach, and your private information will stay secured in the cloud.

Share and stocks price are reduced after security breach

Shares and stock prices in the market falls downhill if a company experiences cyberattack and data is stolen and exploited. The unforgiving market could swallow your company in whole if you are not careful, so be sure to keep your network foolproof at all times. Never leave things to fate when it comes to your precious company. You have spent a lot of money, effort, time, resources, and energy into building it from scratch so do not allow cyber crime destroy what you have built with your sweat and blood. Hire the best and most reliable  IT Support Portland can offer you, and start your journey to a more productive business thanks to the super secure network due to the work of an IT service company. And by hiring an IT support, your shares and stocks will stay high.

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