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IT Support Portland Explains What Application Containers Are

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In the world of IT Support, Portland professionals are utilizing application containers to make their tasks more efficient and successful. The containers are actually kinds of technology software that are used to virtually isolate and package applications and get them ready for safe deployment. In a nutshell, application containers are the resolution that IT experts need to have their assigned software operational once the software is transferred from one environment to the next. A container is indeed very efficient in packing the needed codes so the transferred application runs smoothly in its new home.

What is a Docker engine?

A docker engine is a software host that proficiently houses the containers. Docker, Inc. developed this software and it was established in the year 2013. This resourceful software was created by Sebastien Pahl and Solomon Hykes in 2011 in France. And they started as a platform-as-a-service service, with a dotCloud as their initial company project. Years after the creation of the Docker, Inc., IT Support Portland professionals are still thankful for the development of the application containers.

It was in 2013 when Docker, Inc. came out in public at PyCon, with the location of Stan Clara. Back then, the container utilizes the default implementation setting, which was called LXC. In the next year, the LXC was replaced by the 0.9 version of Docker and the software used the Go language for its encoding purposes. And years later, in 2017, the Moby project was developed for the purpose of research and growth.

Operation of Docker

The Docker application container is compatible with all Linux servers, and it provides superior portability for the desired codes. Docker allows the software to be executed with efficiency, regardless if the application is intended to be implemented in a private cloud, public cloud, or on-premises. It also runs on Windows, which is absolutely versatile and useful for all IT Support Portland professionals.

Docker Engine is a platform of Docker containers that includes:

  • Standard – the standard application containers are developed in order to provide a simple way to transport codes into a new environment.
  • Lightweight – the Docker containers do not need an OS for every application, since they share the OS organization kernel of each machine. This lightweight container promotes improved server proficiencies, and this system lessens the costs of the licensing and server, significantly.
  • Secure – Docker containers offer safe transport for various codes. Without a doubt, Docker has the most resilient isolation functionality in the entire IT technology.

Benefits of application containers

An application container is used to transport important executable, configuration files, libraries, and binary code. However, it does not include images for the operating systems. That is why the containers are extremely lightweight, which makes them easy to transport. The containers can be deployed individually, or if there are multiple containers, they can come as clusters.

Without a doubt, application containers are highly important in the IT industry. And IT Support Portland professionals are indeed benefiting from this awesome creation. Let us look at the benefits of the Docker, Inc.’s application containers.

  • Fewer overhead – the application containers utilizes few system resources compared to hardware or customary virtual machine settings. This is all because the containers do not consist of any image for the operating system.
  • Improved portability – by using application containers, the software can be seamlessly deployed to various hardware platforms and multiple operating systems. The portability of the containers improves the production of the IT department, and makes tasks easier and faster to complete.
  • Consistency in execution – any DevOps department in all companies using the containers knows that the software inside the container offers consistent operation, no matter where the containers are transported to.
  • Enhanced efficiency – the application containers makes it possible for the software to be instantly and safely packaged, scaled, reinforced, and deployed. This process no doubt improves the efficiency of the execution of the software and programs.
  • Increased application progress – the application containers allows DevOps departments to hasten the development of programs, test the software, and execute the cycle of software efficiently. Thanks to the application containers, the IT Support Portland professionals become better at developing any application.

Uses of application containers

Hundreds of companies worldwide are utilizing application containers in various ways. And the major uses are the following:

  • Containers are efficient in the “lift and shift” of current organization applications into the chosen modern cloud systems. Companies use containers to transport present software into a more modern structure.
  • Refactor current software to make the container deployment easier and faster. And this method is more thorough compared to the lift and shift immigration of applications. And refactoring allows organizations to take full advantage of the container setting.
  • Companies cultivate new container-native programs in order to benefit completely from the development of application containers. This technique is similar to refactoring, though some factors vary.
  • Application containers promote enhanced support for the various designs of the organization’s microservices. The applications are safely isolated, scaled, packaged, and transported through reliable building blocks of containers.
  •  IT Support Portland DevOps teams are utilizing the application containers to transfer significant software in order to streamline the structure of the organizations.
  • Without a doubt, application containers helps in improving company production since the IT professionals no longer need to perform repetitive jobs.


The evolution of technology is happening rapidly in many areas, and over the years the containers are instrumental in developing new software programs that increases the production of organizations. But, as efficient as this system is, it takes excellently brilliant IT professionals to execute the deployment of application containers. That is why companies hire only the best experts in the industry to execute the job.

Without a shred of doubt, the containers are very beneficial for any organization in terms of deployment of software applications. For the years to come there will surely be new developments for the container system, and the IT Support Portland professionals can definitely take advantage of the growth of this system.

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