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IT Support Portland Experts Talks About DNS Tunneling

IT Support Portland professionals handles all kinds of IT services, and it includes fighting off black hat hackers who instigates DNS tunneling to their target victims. DNS tunneling is a form of cyber attack that encrypts the chosen sensitive data of the company targeted by cyber criminals. Protocols and business programs are injected with this kind of attack through the inquiries and replies of DNS in certain networks and systems. This type of cyber attack involves payloads of data that can be attached to a compromised DNS server and they are exploited to take control of the company’s applications as well as the remote server.

Requirement of DNS tunneling

DNS tunneling can only become a successful attack if it can be attached to an existing DNS system that has been compromised already. That is why companies all over the world needs the help of IT Support Portland professionals in order to strengthen and improve their DNS servers and systems so black hat hackers cannot exploit any vulnerability. The cyber criminal would need entry to an existing DNS server of their target company, and the system must have access to the organization’s network in order for this attack to be complete. The hacker needs to gain control to a DNS server and domain so they can use them as a convincing server that can be believed to be genuine by the end users. The hackers can implement the attack of DNS tunneling through tunneling the payload of data and the executable databases.

Why cyber criminals use DNS tunneling

Black hat hackers do love to use DNS tunneling on their target companies because DNS is a most commonly known as a trusted and completely established protocol. Most importantly, companies do not typically check their DNS system for any suspicious activities, which is absolutely a huge mistake. But with the help of the best IT Support Portland professionals, organizations can be confident about the security of the DNS system. But with the lack of IT service, especially a managed IT service, cyber criminals can easily infiltrate a DNS server and pass on a malware to encrypt the data with malicious information. This process enables the cyber criminals to bypass almost all types of network and system firewalls and infect the channel of communication so they can steal confidential data from their target victims.

The worst thing is, any person with just the basic knowledge about hacking and IT can perform DNS tunneling on any network or system they want to hack. That is because there is actually toolkits that are available in the web that are designed to execute this kind of cyber attack. Any wanna be hacker can access this kind of DNS tunneling toolkit, and start their hacking career immediately. In fact, even people without hacking backgrounds can use the toolkit to practice the use of DNS tunneling. And as scary as it is, companies all over the globe can prevent this disaster of cyber attack from happening by hiring the most reliable IT Support Portland professionals to handle their cyber security. It is only with the strong presence of IT that can stop DNS tunneling from happening, thanks to their expertise on the matter. Indeed, the best IT experts can constantly check out the DNS server and system of their clients, to ensure that there are no weaknesses that can be exploited by expert black hat hackers or wanna be hackers using a DNS tunneling toolkit.

Detecting and preventing DNS tunneling

In order to detect DNS tunneling, the hired IT support professionals produce an application rule that is then utilized as a protocol item. Let us look at the most common steps in determining and blocking DNS tunneling cyber attacks.

Access rule generation

IT professionals build what is called an access rule to determine the presence of DNS tunneling and block this kind of cyber attack. IT Support Portland professionals follow these steps in creating this process:

  • Visit Configuration
  • Click Configuration Tree, then…
  • Box
  • Your Virtual Servers
  • Assigned Services
  • Firewall
  • Forwarding Rules
  • LockSelect OK
  • On the ruleset, either rightclick or click the + icon
  • Choose New, and then…
  • Rule
  • Pass
  • Fill in “Block-DNS-Tunneling”
  • Identify multiple settings:
  • Source: choose Trusted LAN
  • Destinatioin: choose Internet
  • Service: choose Any
  • Connection Method: choose Dynamic NAT
  • Application Policy: turn on Application Control
  • Match the access rule to the chosen DNS traffic
  • Opt for Send Changes
  • Click Activate

Make a Protocol Object

IT experts follow the following steps in building a protocol object in order to discover DNS tunneling:

  • Visit Configuration
  • Click on Configuration Tree, and then…
  • Box
  • Your Virtual Servers
  • Assigned Services
  • Firewall
  • Forwarding Rules
  • Lock
  • Magnify Firewall Objects found in the left side of the menu
  • Choose Applications
  • Make a new protocol object through the table (right click)
  • Choose New
  • Click Protocol Object
  • Fill in the Name
  • Filter or find the DNS protocol
  • Expand the DNS found in the Select Protocols
  • Click +
  • Protocol Set area displays the protocol

Build an Application Rule

IT Support Portland professionals develop an application rule that is intended for the traffic between the internet and the company network. This protocol object is used to prohibit the DNS tunneling cyber attack. Steps are as follows:

  • Visit Configuration
  • Configuration Tree
  • Box
  • Your Virtual Servers
  • Assigned Services
  • Firewall
  • Forwarding Rules
  • Lock
  • Green +
  • New
  • Rule
  • New Rule (double click)
  • Edit Rule
  • Enter Name: Block-DNS-Tunneling
  • Specify:
  • Action: Deny
  • Source: Trusted LAN
  • Destination: Internet
  • Application: Any
  • Protocol: opt for protocol object made previously
  • Click OK
  • Drag and drop the created application rule in order to be compatible with the application traffic
  • Select Send Changes
  • Click Activate

Final Say

Black hat hackers are always finding new methods to exploit their victims, and they keep on improving their ways in injecting DNS tunneling cyber attack. But with the persistence and efficiency of IT Support Portland professionals, the cyber criminals can be stopped with the full IT force.

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