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IT Support Portland Deal with Three Kinds of Hackers

Hacking is a natural occurrence that is known to happen all over the world. That is exactly why there is a huge demand for IT support Portland all over the globe. The number of black hat hackers increases, as well as the number of breached networks. Cyber criminals have dark intentions of breaching networks in order to steal company confidential data and exploit them for their own selfish reasons. However, you need to understand that all hackers are actually bad. There are three different kinds of hackers, and they serve their own purposes.

Three types of hackers

Let us look at the three kinds of hackers that exist in te world.

Black hat hackers

These hackers are the dark one. They hack into a network and compromise the systems of their target victims. They steal sensitive data, put computers into hostage modes, and sell their stolen data to the highest bidder. Black hat hackers hack for their self-gain, and not for anyone or anything else. And so the good IT support Portland needs to stop them before they can cause too much chaos in the web and cripple companies.

Great hat hackers

These are hackers that borders on good and evil. They hack into networks without permission from the owners, and they find vulnerabilities. The grey hat hackers them let the network owner know about their weakness, and ask for a payment to fix the system. If the owner refused, the grey hat hackers steal their information or blackmail the owners to pay them up. However, if the network owners do pay up in good faith, the grey hat hackers do not steal anything or compromise anything in the systems. They could fix the vulnerabilities for additional fee, or they can leave the network alone after getting payment.

White hat hackers

These are good hackers. White hat hackers are paid by companies to test the vulnerabilities of their network so they can patch them up. These hackers are usually IT support Portland who wants to do good and help companies survive cyber crimes. They have permission to breach networks, and they get paid by it. Their role is to find vulnerabilities that black hat or grey hat hackers can also find once they attempt to breach the network.

How to deal with the hackers

When hackers get access to your system, there are so many ways that you can react. But, it is important to deal with them properly, and of course wisely so you can outsmart them. Let us check the methods on how you can deal with the different kinds of hackers in the world.

Black hat hackers

If your network is breached by black hat hackers, you need to make sure that you have the most reliable cybersecurity team by your side. It is crucial that your IT support Portland is highly capable of fighting cyber criminals so they will not succeed in stealing confidential company data from your system, computers, hard drives, servers, or cloud. They need to be stopped, and you can do that by ensuring that you hired the most competent IT support in the country.

If in case your current cybersecurity team failed to neutralize the cyber threat, then you should consider looking for a new IT support to handle your cybersecurity. After all, if your existing IT support is as good as they advertised, your network would never have been breached by black hat hackers. So it is time to invest in your cyber security, and hire only the most highly recommended and trusted cybersecurity company in the land.

Grey hat hackers

The grey hat hackers are not completely bad, since there is light in their expertise. If in case this kind of hacker penetrated your network, you should consider paying them up to avoid making them angry enough to actually steal your sensitive data and sell them to gain profit. Unless if you have an excellent IT support Portland to fight the grey hat hackers, you should pay up. And after you take control of your network and system, hire the most reliable cybersecurity company to patch up the vulnerabilities in your network and system, to ensure that no black or grey hat hackers will ever breach your network and system and threaten to cripple your business.

White hat hackers

The white hat hackers are technically the good guys, so you should treat them well. This kind of hacker is usually paid a lot and earns a lot in the industry, because what they do is important. Without them, your company and other businesses will never know that there are vulnerabilities in your network until a black hat or grey hat hacker comes knocking on your network and successfully access your system. It is vital that you treat white hat hackers with respect, even though they are technically called hackers as well. Trust that they can make a huge difference in the security of your network and systems, and never question their loyalty, especially if you are dealing with the best IT support Portland that is ever known in the country.

What to do with hackers

Whether you like it or not, hackers exist in the world and there is no possible way to get rid of them. The world needs balance, and so the black, grey, and white hat hackers live on earth and in the web in order to maintain the balance. All you have to do is accept the fact that your network and system are always at risk of getting hacked, and so you need to make sure that you pay for the services of the best cybersecurity team to keep black and grey hat hackers at bay. Never leave your network unattended, and do not rely only with your computer anti-virus and firewall, especially for company hardware and software. Hire the best IT support Portland to keep your business growing and prosper.

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