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IT Support Portland Consulting for Law Firms

New law firms are in need of an intense IT consultation mainly because their office will handle important cases that are at high risk to get hacked. IT Support Portland  for Law Firms in handle consultations that often lead to Managed IT Service. And that is mostly dependent upon the efficiency of the IT company to deliver their services in a way that lawyers can comprehend fully without seeing any flaws in the system. So if you have an IT service company, you need to be very effective in your method to provide an excellent IT consultation for your prospect law firm to sign a contract with for a Managed IT Service. Remember that your consultation service defines what your IT company can do, and it can make or break your proposal for a more stable business relationship with an upcoming law firm. It is crucial that you fully understand what you need to do and provide during your meeting with the new law firm.  

Security consultation

You must establish that your company is a successful and reliable IT Support Portland  for Law Firms in. Bring references about your past and present services to law firms and other types of business. By ensuring that your new client will see you as an IT company that is on top your game, you can create trust and have superior confidence as you discuss about security in their business. The security consultation with the lawyers involve handing them the best practices for an IT support to handle cybersecurity threats, and providing guidelines as to how to make their law firm much safer. You need to provide recommendations regarding keeping their system safe from hackers so they can protect their private documents, files, and information about their clients and cases in general.

Technology blueprint

As an IT consultant, it is your responsibility to provide a clear roadmap of what technology really is and what is the role that IT service companies play in this industry. Since you offer IT Support Portland  for Law Firms in, you are in the right position to give the law firm a blueprint of the trends in technology that is utterly suitable for law firms. You can give a clear picture of the threats that their office can face if they have no extreme security in their system that can fight cybersecurity. By making them see what they are up against in terms of hacking and losing data, the new law firm will surely consider hiring your IT company as their Managed IT Support.

Technology guidelines

Your superior experience as an IT Support Portland  for Law Firms in comes in handy when you are laying down your services in front of the brightest minds in the industry. Yes they asked to see you so you can provide technological consultation for their system, but take this as an opportunity to market your services and land a more permanent gig with the law firm. Showcase what you can do by providing your audience with the best methods to deal and use technology to their advantage. Make it clear to them how technology can be optimized to streamline their plans and goals for their law firm.

Software recommendations

You know that there are so many software available in the market these days, and you know them all as an IT Support Portland  for Law Firms in. You also know that not all software are actually needed in a law firm’s system, and some are just redundancies that are recommended by other IT companies just to increase their sales and bill their clients for more services that their business can do without. And so it is your responsibility to let the law firm be aware of such redundant software, so they can save on cost. And by doing so, they will greatly appreciate your output and thank you for your honesty. Who knows, maybe your software recommendation can become a good thing for your IT company. The law firm may in fact hire you not only as IT consultant, but also as their new Managed IT Support.

IT infrastructure budget consultation

You have spent a lot of money in building your IT service company, but all the hard work is worth it because you have become a trusted IT Support Portland  for Law Firms in. And so during your consultation with the new law firm, don’t forget to iterate the importance of Managed IT Service. Let them understand the cost that they face if they build their own system. Give them a clear insight of how much it costs to buy new hardware, register for license, hire IT group of people to handle the IT department, expense on software installation and updates, system and hardware repairs, and more. Talk clearly about the thousands of dollars they would need to spend to set up an extremely secure system to protect their data. And as lawyers they would want to cut down the cost, so be ready to inform them that they can save so much by hiring your IT company to handle their technology needs. And you can do that for them for monthly fee.

Technology training When you come face to face with the law firm’s top management, makes sure to provide an intellectual coaching about enhancing the technological security of their law firm. You have the resources and facts regarding these matters since you make a living as an IT Support Portland  for Law Firms in. Make them understand how crucial it is to get Managed IT Service for their business, and how much they can potentially save when they have an integrated IT service working for them. And as smart as lawyers are, they will surely understand what you are trying to convey and since security for their files and data matters a world to their law firm, they can surely see that your It company is the best fit for their system.

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