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IT Support Portland Company Parties Include Families

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Most IT Support Portland companies are kind enough to invite their IT employees’ families to their company parties. It is actually very much appreciated by your people and generally increases the production of the business. Of course, you need to take into consideration the extra cost it will need for more people to attend the parties. And also, how the event pans out since obviously the children are coming too. However, even if the expense is growing, you must see things from a business perspective. You are benefiting from the parties with family members present in many ways. Let us look at the advantages of having family members at company events.

Morale booster for the ITs

Your IT employees have families and loved ones who are always left at home, especially when they need to work overtime to finish their work or they needed to stay longer at the office because a new cyber problem occurred. No matter what the reasons are for spending more time at work than at home, the families and special someones of your IT Support Portland professionals are always concerned and lonely. But of course, they can not do anything about it because this job allows them to live a financially stable life. And if you actually invite the families to any corporate party for any celebration like Thanksgiving, Christmas, or company anniversary, the gesture itself can significantly boost the employees’ morale. They would be so happy and proud to bring their loved ones to work with them, and of course, this plan boosts their morale. And with happy employees, your IT services’ production becomes more efficient, which translates to more profit and new clients.

Happier ITs, happier workplace

It is indeed true that when employees are happy, the workplace becomes more comfortable, more harmonious, and of course, more productive. And one of the best ways to make this happen in your IT Support Portland company is to include the employee’s families, girlfriends, and boyfriends of your people at select company parties. Your people will greatly appreciate your decision to have their loved ones in an important event of the company, and so they are happier than before. And when employees are happy at home, they tend to bring that joy into the office, which means that you have a peaceful workplace where everyone is feeling jolly at all times. The happiness that your people think translates to higher efficiency at work, so you will have them who are working harder to make your business more profitable. It is undoubtedly a great advantage of having family members participate in company events. 

Supportive spouses equal peaceful mind.

When ITs’ are always stuck at work, their spouses often nag them, and couples fight all the time because of the busy work schedule. The fights can lead to foul moods, and the employees are losing the energy to work efficiently, which causes a lack of enthusiasm and low production in IT services. When this happens, clients are then displeased, and they will indeed look for another IT Support Portland company to replace your job. And so it is essential to keep the spouses happy by letting your people bring them to company parties. Once the spouses see the workplace of their loved ones and gain insight and understanding of the value of their work, then they will start supporting their spouses on their long hours at work. They will no longer pick fights with your employees but rather care more for their spouses and allow them to rest well. And so when the ITs have a peaceful life at home, they arrive at the office with peace of mind and an optimistic view on life. Thanks to the now supportive spouses,s your ITs can fully concentrate on work and not have to worry about overtime or missing dinner with the family. When they get home from your IT Support Portland company offices, they are cared for at home with a warm meal, cold wine, and a hot bath. And they are ready to face another day at the office with the utter support of their loved ones. So without a doubt, involving families in company parties is a win-win for all parties involved.

Create a bond between ITs, families, bosses, and co-workers

Regardless of the size of your company, all your employees need to get along well. And it is ideal for extending that socialization and friendship among the families. By having the families of your employees at the company parties, every one can meet each other. You can get acquainted with the loved ones of your people, and they can meet other employees and their families too. It is absolutely fantastic to have people and their families in one space, laughing, talking, and getting to know one another. Your IT Support Portland company will surely benefit from this process since everyone has a great time, and a friendly camaraderie ensues. Everyone is happy, and families became friends. And with a cheerful ambiance, the productivity and efficiency of your IT services are immensely improved. 


As a business owner, you need always to understand that by making your employees and their families happy, they, in return, provide exceptional performance, which converts to more significant revenue for your company. And the secret to keeping your ITs peaceful and harmonious is to involve their own families in influential company parties. It is indeed costly to plan a party with a considerable size, but the result definitely outweighs the expenses. Plus, you gain the respect of your employees because they see you as a warm-hearted boss who cares for his employees and their families. And with that respect comes a conviction that they will work harder in order to make your IT Support Portland company more productive, efficient, popular, and more profitable compared to other IT services companies in the country, if not the world.

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