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IT Support Portland Company Implementing No Dating Policy

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You have finally established your own IT support Portland company, and now you are creating your company rules and policies. But, you are stuck with one policy that you are not sure yet if you want to implement in your own company. And that is no other than the No Dating Policy within your IT support company. You have gone through deep thinking and inner debate about this, and you even asked for opinions from people in the IT industry. But, at the end of the day it is still your decision to make, and you need to act fast because you cannot allow your indecision to slow down the progress of your IT service firm. You need to finalize your company policies in order to start getting clients and begin you quest to strengthen the cybersecurity of different companies. The sooner you launch your new IT support Portland company, the better for your company finances. And so in this post we will discuss about the pros and cons of a No Dating Policy in your IT support company.

Pros of No Dating Policy in your IT Support Company

Now let us look at the pros in implementing a No Dating Policy.

Professional relationship company-wide

If there is no romance between employees within your company, then you can expect plain professional relationships only among your brilliant IT support professionals. There is no chance of couples fighting within the company, and personal relationships do not get in the way of providing excellent cybersecurity services to your clients.

Full work mode

Your employees can concentrate better at work if they do not have girlfriends or boyfriends in the same company. They do not have to worry about finishing work before lunch time so they can eat together, or leave work on the dot because they have a scheduled date. And they will be on full work mode since they are not distracted by their special someone getting close to another member of the team, or getting too tired, or being scolded by the superiors, and many more distractions that office romance brings in your IT support Portland company.

No covering of asses

When people are in love they tend to do everything in their power to protect their special someone. And if your IT support professional’s beloved is in trouble in the company, there is a huge possibility that the lover will protect and cover the other. And that is something that must be avoided in your company. Covering of asses is definitely not a good practice, and each of your employees must exercise accountability for their actions. That is the only way you will know that you can count on them at all times. There should be no room for mistakes or cover ups in an IT support company because you dealing with cybersecurity, and one mistake can lead to catastrophic events in your client’s companies. So it is indeed best not to have people dating inside your IT support Portland company.

Cons of No Dating Policy in an IT support company

Now that you have figured out the pros of creating a No Dating Policy in your IT support firm, then it is time to check out the cons of this decision.

Potential secrets circulation

Human beings do have the tendency to lie and keep secrets, especially if they violated company policies. And within a company sometimes it cannot be avoided that opposite sex are attracted to each other, and sometimes same sex relationships form under your nose. And if you have a No Dating Policy in your company, then those IT support employees who cannot resist each other are bound to keep their relationship a secret and see each other behind your back. And if there are more than one secret couples in your firm, then there is a gap and a tall wall that these stray employees are building in order to shut your out. And in any IT support Portland company, secrets are not good. They can lead to more than lies about relationships. It could mean that your IT support professionals cannot be trusted to follow company rules, so how can you trust them with the sensitive job of protecting your client’s networks and systems and excel in them? When your employees start to lie, then you must consider replacing them. Remember that your business depends on the reliability of your ITs.

Few unhappy IT support specialists

The heart wants whom it feels to love. So when your employees are starting to like each other more than colleagues, then they will surely become unhappy because they cannot act on their feelings due to the No Dating Policy in your IT service firm. You should be proud of your IT support specialists since they can follow the company policies, but you also cannot deny the fact they are heartbroken about it. But, work is work and what you do is very important.

How to break the news regarding the inclusion or exclusion of the No Dating Policy

Whatever you decide, you need to let your IT support Portland professionals know about it. You can surely make your decision now as you weigh the pros and cons of this policy. You need to let your people understand why you are implementing or not including this rule in your company books. Get a feel on how they will react to your decision, and determine who among the brilliant IT support specialists have strong thoughts and feelings about your decision as the owner and head of the company. You would need to look out for those employees, because they are more likely to break the rules or will become your headache in the near future. And once you have announced your decision, you can then sstart your IT services operation and do everything you can to make your new IT support Portland company a huge success.

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