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IT Support Portland Challenges

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Your job as an IT Support Portland is a challenging career that comes with many challenges. No job is ever easy especially when higher amount of money is involved, but you know that you can conquer the challenges as they arise. The important thing is, you are aware of the challenges regarding your job. By knowing what you are up against in the present or in the near future, then you can better prepare and come out as the winner.

Wide range of competition

As technology evolves, many people are becoming attracted to technology and decide to enter the world of Information Technology and Computer Science. And because of the rapid increase in students enrolling in IT schools and colleges, there are so many new ITs every year. And with this craze the range of ITs looking for a job increases rapidly, and so you face a huge challenge as an IT Support Portland professional. Though already have a job, you now know that you can be replaced anytime if mess up. Your bosses may not care since there are so many replacements just waiting to grab their opportunity to work as ITs. So you need to always take care of your responsibilities and hold on to your job. Because if you lose, it would be very hard to find a new one, not with all the new eager and fresh ITs around.

Cybersecurity and cyber attacks

Black hat hackers are becoming more and more sophisticated with their cyber hacking skills, and they are becoming too much of a challenge to many ITs. And so it is crucial that you keep up and level up in your skills and capabilities as an IT professional, so your knowledge and expertise are enhanced and you are ready to face your IT adversaries. Always remember that the cyber criminals are finding ways in every turn to hone their hacking skills, so never be complacent with yours. Upgrade what you need to upgrade in your brain, and always be ahead of the cyber criminals.

Unreasonably demanding clients

By working as an IT Support Portland professional, you encounter different kinds of clients, and they all have different personalities as the head of their companies. Sometimes, you get to work for clients who ask unreasonable demands from you regarding cybersecurity and the overall security of their digital field. And as an IT professional you have limits to what you can do, and often clients fail to understand that. And so when the demands are pouring in and you are having a hard time fulfilling them because they could be out of scope of support, then it is indeed a huge challenge to explain to your clients the circumstances. And when this happens, it is ideal to bring out your signed contract, and remind your clients about your duties and responsibilities as their hired IT Support Portland, and let them know that if they want additional services beyond your scope of role, then they would either need to hire someone else to handle that aspect, or they would need to pay you extra fees to accomplish the near to impossible tasks.

Lack of IT resources

Another important challenge that you could face an as IT professional is the lack of IT resources to complete your IT tasks. Always keep in mind that technology is evolving constantly, and it is hard sometimes to keep up, especially in terms of purchasing new gadgets, hardware, software, programs, and all other tools that comes with the upgrades of technology. And if you are not rich yet to equip yourself with all the new IT resources, then you are absolutely facing a big challenge of lacking IT resources. This usually happen when you are working alone and providing solo IT support. Also, this can also occur if the IT service company you are working for is not capable of updating their IT resources to keep up with the latest needs in the technical world. And with this challenge, you as an IT Support Portland professional must look for ways to compensate for the IT resources that you lack.

New IT learning and evolution

You know that technology is always changing and it evolves no matter what. And that is actually a good thing. However, because of your busy schedule with your clients you are facing a challenge of time. You do not have much time to sit down and attend new classes about IT, cybersecurity, or anything new about technology in general. Though can grasp some information from your fellow ITs or hear things while working, but it is quite different to actually focus on learning. And so it is imperative that you are always ready to allocate some time off so you can update yourself with the latest trends in information technology and computer science. You cannot afford to be left out, while your other colleagues and rivals are basking in the new things they learned from the courses they enrolled in. You do have the option to engage in online IT courses, and take certification exams in order to add more badges to your name, and become better at your job as IT Support Portland professional. And more than adding knowledge to your profession, taking new IT courses is a necessity, because sooner or later you will encounter new cyber threats and if you are unaware on how to handle them, then you are compromising the companies of your clients.


Challenges will always be present regardless if you have years of experience in the IT world, or just starting up. What is important is you face the challenges head on, and not try to avoid them or ignore the altogether. Face whatever is ahead, and never be scared to try new things. Acknowledge what is new in the IT world and embrace them, because there is nothing you can do to stop them. But use challenges to enhance your skills as IT Support Portland.

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