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IT Support Portland and User Classification

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Knowing your information technology customers is one thing, and knowing their classification in terms of different characteristics is another thing, according to IT Support Portland. An information technology support specialist needs to classify their customers or clients depending on other traits related to information technology. It is a guide that will serve as the basis for classifying a certain information technology support specialist’s customers. There are different ways to organize the customers or clients that you have through IT Support Portland.
One of the classifications that support can define an information technology customer, and two is their relationship to the information technology support specialist’s organization. The relationship of the customers or clients to the information technology support specialist like IT Support Portland can be classified into two. One of which is internal customers, wherein you are a customer or client that is within the same organization as the helpdesk professional or the information technology support specialist. And the other one is external customers in which you are outsourcing the services of the information technology support specialist of a certain company that offers this service. That is the basic classification of a customer of an information technology support specialist or services.

Another way of classifying the customers of information technology support specialists or helpdesk professionals like IT Support Portland is their knowledge in terms of information technology. As an information technology support or help desk professional, we should understand that even though users have been using computers or have computers does not mean that their knowledge in terms of information technology is as intricate as the helpless professional or the information technology support specialist. Normally, an average person who uses computers and does not have enough knowledge about information technology does not know how to connect networks or do simple configuration because this is not an activity that is usually done by the employee but rather is done by the information technology support specialist or help desk professional like IT Support Portland.

Where are people who grew up with their own personal computers, and they have been using it for years in which they have learned how to connect networks and do configuration or troubleshooting within their computers. However, not everyone has the knowledge to do so and the capacity to have computers within their home. Some may have also rarely used it, so they only know how to utilize basic information and applications within their computers. We should understand that as information technology supports a specialist, all our clients or customers have sufficient knowledge about information technology. So they are looking for guidance and help from us helpdesk professionals, and information technology support specialists like IT Support Portland. They have no idea or knowledge about the basic tasks and activities that information technology professionals do because this is a complex topic and is not easily understood without the proper understanding of information technology systems and infrastructure. This is a way to make us more considerate of the customers and clients that we have and take into consideration their information technology knowledge.

Another method to classify the clients or customers that we have is based on how frequently they use their computers. Most of the time, individuals may only use or operate a single application within their computer. Often, we do not do other activities in it, according to IT Support Portland. On the other hand, some of the customers or clients frequently use their computers and explore more than five or around ten applications in which they have sufficient knowledge in it. They may even utilize at least five applications at the same time, depending on the needs of their activity. When you classify your users or customers in their computer usage level, you will be able to predict problems that may arise because of how much they use the computers and what do you think are activities that they are doing that may have caused problems and issues within the system. Common topics may arise because of this. As an information technology support specialist, you should be aware of what may have caused them depending on how much they used computers and their complete information technology infrastructure.

Another consideration that is computer usage is to determine which applications or systems are being used by that certain individual within their information technology system. There are basic applications that are easy to navigate, and problems are not common when these applications are being utilized. However, if the applications are being used or complex and use a lot of systems, the information technology support specialist like IT Support Portland can predict problems that an individual may encounter upon using this application or software.

Another method that will help the information technology support the specialist like IT Support Portland to understand their customers is to know the location or environment of the information technology system and infrastructure, and this will help the individual to identify potential issues that they may encounter along the way. Commonly an individual may use their computers or information technology system at the expense of their home or within the organization that they are working for. For employees or individuals who utilize their computers within their home often encounter problems that are basic or issues that are simple, and frequently, the information technology support specialist or the health professionals will only provide general support to the users. However, customers or clients that are from organizations or companies and are staying there may encounter issues that are related to the organization and the mission of the organization itself. Users that are internal will also have generic problems, just like those that can be found in their homes.

Still, since you are from an organization, you will have specific issues please are related to resources within the organization or the company. For customers and clients of information technology support specialists, classifying will be of great help to the professionals to guide you properly, like IT Support Portland.

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