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IT Support Portland After a Cyber Attack How to Rebuild Your Business

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A cyber attack that is not stopped by your current IT support Portland company is a seriously bad thing for your business. Many companies failed to survive within half a year after cyber criminals destroyed their networks and systems. It is indeed not easy to bring your company back up after black hat hackers had destroyed everything that you have built for years. But, you must not lose hope. After all, you were able to successfully build your company from the ground up, and you can certainly do it again with a vengeance. As long as you have a fight in you, there is still hope. What is done is done, and there is nothing you can do about it now. You need to move forward and hope and work hard for the best. Let us look at some steps in rebuilding your business after a cyber attack.

Hire a new IT support

It is a no brainer that you need to hire a new IT support Portland company to handle your cybersecurity. Your previous IT support is clearly not skilled enough to protect your network and system from black hat hackers, so of course you cannot keep them. Hire a new IT service company, and this time, a firm that has been tested in the IT industry to be the best in providing cybersecurity. Be careful in your hiring process, and check diligently the background of the IT company. Make sure that all the IT professionals are highly skilled and experienced in the field of IT security, so they can provide better cybersecurity to your network and system.

Strengthen your cybersecurity

After a cyber attack, you and your new IT support Portland company musts do everything possible to strengthen your cybersecurity for the whole company. Your IT support can process penetration tests that can find vulnerabilities so they can provide technical resolutions on how to fix those weaknesses. It is ideal to expose whatever holes are in your company network in order to ensure that when the black hat hackers are attacking your network, they cannot find an entry point because your IT support already found them and fixed them.

Ask for public apology

When your company had fallen a sorry victim of black hat hackers, your company is not the only factor that is greatly affected. Your investors, clients, and customers are also impacted by the cyber attack, and so it is only right that you take accountability for what happened. Make a public statement about the occurrence in your company, and perform a public apology to all that has been affected. This may go against your pride, but it is the right to do. By showing humility at a time of crisis, you can mostly garner sympathy instead of public hate.

Talk to your investors

Once your IT support Portland cleaned up the debris from the cyber attack, it is time for you to have a serious meeting with your investors. In times like this, investors typically withdraw their money and will not risk trusting your company anymore. That is why you need to come up with an excellent plan with your IT support to make your company cybersecurity impenetrable. Present your new plans to solidify your cybersecurity to your investors, and guarantee that no such cyber attack can happen again.

Send apology messages to all your customers

Because of the lack of IT security in your company, your customers are affected by the cyber attack. Their personal information are exploited and they are exposed to the dark web. And so you need to appease your valued customers and send them messages of apologies, and compensate them in your own way. You can offer them great discounts on your services, or even free products and services for a certain amount of time. Never leave them hanging and never allow them to face the cyber threats alone, because your company is the reason is the reason why their identities are compromised. You need to regain the trust of your valued customers so you can easily rebuild your company from the ashes of cyber attack.

Train your company employees about cybersecurity

Now that you are attempting to rebuild after the chaos brought by the cyber attack that hit your company so bad, you need to take precautionary measures to never let that happen again. You must have your IT support train all your company employees regarding cybersecurity, so they will have the basic foundation of how black hat hackers can cripple networks and systems in just a few minutes. With the help of your loyal employees and your dedicated new IT support, you can accomplish your goals of rebuilding your company.

Re-market your brand

Once you have successfully rebuilt your company from the recent cyber attack, you need to re-market your brand. It is crucial to create marketing strategies that will give a new stronger image to your business, and your IT support Portland company can help you with that. It may take time to gain favor from your target market again, but you just need to exercise patience and wait for the right opportunity to rise again in the industry. And in your re-marketing efforts, hire the best marketing team to handle your campaign. It will cost you, but at least you can accelerate your timeline for getting back on track. Work closely with your marketing team in this process, and make sure that your efforts are not wasted.

Final say

It is no secret that many companies suffer greatly and many have not recovered from cyber attacks. But you cannot let that happen to your company. You need to move forward and rebuild your company, and now you are wiser. With the your new IT support Portland company, you can make your network and system more stable and impenetrable so the cyber attack that almost drive your business to the ground never happen again.

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