IT Support Portland Advices Never Save Your Password Online

IT support Portland companies strongly advices against saving your passwords in browsers like Safari, Firefox, or Chrome. Though they are authorized to save use passwords, you are actually compromising your network security. Thousands, if not millions, of people all over the world are saving their passwords online without realizing the danger they are putting themselves into. Yes, saving your passwords is quite convenient especially if you have complicated passwords, but it is absolutely not safe to safe them in your browsers. You may argue that you are the only person using your mobile phone or your tablet or your laptop or your computer so there is really no risk of compromising your passwords, but you are absolutely wrong.

Hackers hack digitally

You need to understand that black hat hackers do not need to be physically present in your life in order to breach your network and access your personal information through your email and social media accounts. And so IT support Portland gives out warnings never to save passwords in any browser, regardless of the level of convenience it brings to you. Once your password in one of the browsers is compromised, the cyber criminals can access all your sensitive data and use them for their own purposes. There have been so many victims of identity theft, as well as credit card fraud, and for sure you absolutely do not want to be included in their misery. So make it a point to always log out from your browsers every after use. Never save your passwords for your email in the browser, and never allow your social media accounts, even YouTube to store your password. When the prompt for saving passwords appear, always choose never on this device.

Accept the hassle and log in

Technology is supposed to make people’s lives easier, and in most part it does. But, too much dependence on technology and the internet can potentially jeopardize your online security, which is why IT support Portland strongly suggests that you accept the hassle of logging in every time you need to access your online accounts, and not prefer the convenience of saving your passwords and risk your accounts to get hacked. However, this does not mean that you cannot trust in any of the browsers. It just means that you must not entrust your passwords online, especially when you know that black hat hackers are always waiting for the chance to score in the web. Cyber criminals have techniques to access browser securities, and exploit any vulnerability that they see in order to ensure that they can do their jobs and steal from honest and hard-working citizens so they can earn profit from their exploits.

Why do people save passwords online?

The main reason why millions of people store their passwords online is due to convenience. It is indeed super easy to simply open your laptop, tablet, computer, or mobile phone and go directly to your favorite online site and immediately see your profile and the updates available. It is quite a hassle to enter your password every time you need to access your account, and so people often prefer to save passwords, thinking that their passwords are safe, especially when they are the only ones using their devices. More importantly, people do trust in web browsers to take care of their passwords without realizing that passwords stored online can be easily hacked by black hat hackers. And so IT support Portland companies advises against the storing of passwords on browsers.

What can happen if you save passwords on the browsers?

There is really no stopping hackers from doing their thing and stealing what they can steal from vulnerable people who leave their passwords on the browsers. Let us look at the things that can happen if your accounts are hacked.

  • Black hat hackers can copy your identity and sell them to fugitives who are in need of new identities. And since your accounts are compromised, the hackers can easily get a hold of your personal information, such as birthday, place of birth, family members, friends, schools, work, and even your social security number and credit card information. They can get all that because they are smart enough to breach your network and access your accounts through the password storage in the browsers.
  • If you became a victim of a cyber attack, your whole life can turn upside down. There is no telling what the black hat hackers can do to your account, so heed the advice of a reliable IT support Portland. You need to understand that cyber criminals can mess up your life so bad, it would be very hard for you to recover. They can use your account to post your private photos, or solicit money from your family and friends, send disgusting emails to your boss, and many more. They have the power to do everything they want with your accounts and with your life because they have gained access to your accounts thanks to the saved passwords on your favorite browser.
  • Cyber criminals can use your debit and credit card information to purchase stuffs online and you would need to pay for them. And so you need to ask for assistance from an IT support Portland professional to help you prevent hackers from destroying your life through your online accounts.


Being a victim of a cyber attack is not easy, especially if the black hat hackers turned your life upside down and destroyed your reputation and your whole image. But you as a person can do something to prevent all the bad things that can happen by simply deleting all your stored passwords from your browsers. It may be a hassle for you to enter your password all the time, but the alternative is not pretty. So take the longer path of logging in of providing your password, and follow the instructions of IT support Portland professionals in regards to browser security.

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