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IT Support Portland 5 Tell-tale signs that your IT system is working perfectly

IT Support Portland

Make sure that your company is implementing the top-most security measures possible. If you want a quick fix and diagnostics, your IT support Portland can help you achieve just that! 

Let’s face it, in this digital age, IT security and innovations are key factors that determine the success of any business. IT Support Portland can help.

Data is power – and failure to realize how important data security and IT solution compatibility are may cause a lot of drawbacks on your business and could even potentially lead to bankruptcy.

Data Security 

Just in 2018 alone, there have been 1,244 cases of data breach. 

It has been reported that 60% of small to mid-sized businesses close in 6 months due to serious data security-related issues.

The government has been very aggressive in identifying companies that fail to adapt a fool-proof data security plan.

IT innovations 

Leading business experts named “software failures” as one of the most common reasons why businesses fail in the 21st Century.

Compatibility is the strongest component to any long-standing IT solution. With the ever-changing features and functions, you have to take time and evaluate the compatibility of your systems based on your needs.

There are plenty of ways to check the quality of your IT system in place, however, it’s understandable how sometimes, too much information is overwhelming. So we, your best IT support Portland, decided to make things a wee bit easier for you.

If you’re not sure about how strong your IT system is, we listed here 5 tell-tale signs for you!

 1. Your IT system actually works

There’s about a bajillion new technology for any needs nowadays. How do you know if you have the best one?

Assuming you have done all the necessary research before signing up for each of the components for your company’s IT system, you should be set, up and running to your maximum operation.

But ,if your technology only fixes one thing at a time, and give you a few more glitches here and there, maybe it’s good to investigate and reassess your IT system.

As the leading IT support Portland, we recommend that you review your IT system’s compatibility ideally every 12 months.

Don’t have the time to evaluate? Let us do all the legwork – our IT experts are here to help you!

2. Your IT systems are updated on time 

Is your IT system updated right on time? If not, you better act now.

Constant change is present not only in life, but more so with technology. Name any technology out there and we can tell you straight away that they can only function in its best when it’s updated regularly.

As the leading IT support Portland, we take initiatives to investigate the state of your IT systems. We also check the overall health of your IT system.

3. You have full visibility on who access your files

For business owners out there – would you know who has admin access to your IT systems? 

Would you be able to identify the level of access each of your staff has at the moment?

How familiar are you with the work and maintenance your staff does when it comes to protecting data privacy?

When you have a rapidly growing company, monitoring user access can sometimes go out of hand.

Being on top of who gets to access super important information gives you the power to control what’s going in and out of your business in the best secured way.

As the most sought-after IT support Portland, we offer you IT solutions that gives you visibility when it comes to data accessibility.

If you are unsure on how to work it out on your own, our expert team can help set it up for you.

4. Your IT system is well protected

How familiar are you with the anti-virus, anti-hacking programs you have at the moment?

Can you confidently say that your client info and important business information is tucked away safely?

How convinced are you that you are protected from third-party spyware and malwares?

If you have answered no to even one of the questions above, then it might be a smart move to re-evaluate your IT system.

Don’t fall victim to malicious software and be a prey to cyber crimes. Fool-proof your IT system by getting the right IT support, with the leading IT support Portland!

5. Your IT system is backed up

How often do you run a software back-up? 

Who’s currently doing this for you?

Do you know that 58% of small businesses are not prepared for data loss? It’s shocking to know how more and more businesses are ignoring the importance of data back-up!

Having a back-up plan in place improves the business’ ability to recover faster from any breach disaster, allowing business owners to save money in the process!

Don’t fall into the pit of despair for any data loss that happens during system switch or system failures.

Always, always, practice data back-up or lose your peace of mind!

To serve your clients the best way, small, medium or large business owners, should always prioritize data security and should be on top of their IT innovation.

With a lot of personal information exchanges happening daily, security is a key factor in attracting and winning over clients.

Always remember that consumers value trustworthy businesses – you should highlight the measures you take to strengthen your data security and privacy.

 Understanding your company’s very own IT solution is the first step in building an effective IT system. 

Implementing an effective data security program and utilizing the right software for your business will definitely be your best defense against early bankruptcy and will boost your client satisfaction.

We know that oftentimes, IT solutions can be hard to interpret yet, this is not much of a challenge if you have the right IT support Portland!

Take the first step in getting your IT solutions in shape! Call your IT support Portland at 503-212-4874 or email us at [email protected]

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