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IT Support Bethlehem PA: Signs Of Compromised Email Accounts


No company in the world does not use email as a means of communication within the company, with their customers, clients, and investors. That is why hiring the most skilled information technology professionals to keep your company email account secure through their work as an IT Support Bethlehem PA is vital. Take note that all the email accounts inside your company contain sensitive information about your products and services, and about your employee’s personal information, your business bank transactions, and other confidential data that is a gold mine for any black hat hacker who can access even one or two email accounts of your people. And if the email passwords of your employees are not strong and can easily be hacked, then your company will face a disaster in terms of a data breach. But thanks to the support and guidance of the information technology professionals who are performing the best IT Support Bethlehem PA can ever offer, you and your people will have an idea on what are the signs when your company email accounts are compromised or hacked by the cybercriminals. 

Unable To Log-in

If no matter how right you are about your password, you still cannot enter your email account, then that is a sure sign of a compromised email account. The black hat hacker has probably breached your account and changed the password, so you are locked out from accessing your email. And once you or your any of your employees cannot log in anymore to your email account, then the ITs in an IT Support Bethlehem PA must know immediately so they can salvage the situation and regain access that the cyber criminal took from you or your people. 

Strange Sent Folder Messages

Not many people check their sent folders, which is a huge mistake for many employees. Black hat hackers usually make use of their hacked email accounts to send phishing emails to all the contacts of the email account and solicit information, money, and other things from the recipients. And since people trust the email that the scam messages are coming from, then the cybercriminals have a high chance of achieving their goals. So make it a point to take the time to check your sent folders and instruct your employees to do the same. And if you find strange email messages in your sent folder, then that is a sure sign that your email account has been hacked.

Password Reset Notification

If you receive a notification or two about password reset, but you did not initiate one, then that is a sure sign that a black hat hacker is trying to gain access to your email account. And no matter what happens, you must not allow this to happen. Report the incident right away to your hired information technology professionals so they can stop the process from happening and will prevent the cybercriminal from getting information from your email account. And so, in this sense, you are suitable to hire the most reliable IT Support Bethlehem PA to handle any and all attempts to breach your email account. 

Weird Social Media Posts

All social media accounts are linked to email addresses, and so if the black hat hackers gain access to your email or your employee’s work emails, then they will eventually have access to the social media accounts, whether the personal funds or the business social media pages. And so if you or your people notice strange and weird posts online that none of you made, then be cautious and assume that it is the work of the cybercriminals. Let your IT team handle this issue, and check if the posts are intended to do harm to your company or gain additional access to other parts of your business. 

Slow Device Performance

There are many reasons why company computers, mobile phones, tablets, and other devices display a slow performance. And one of those reasons is a compromised email account. So when you notice this tragedy, let your information technology professionals know, and allow them to perform their tasks as an IT Support Bethlehem PA is so proud of. The brilliant ITs that you hired for the increased strength of your company’s cybersecurity can definitely handle the assessment of your network, systems, devices, and software and find out what is wrong in order to fix the problem. And if the reason for the slow performance is indeed a hacked email account, then the Its can find the best resolution for that problem and make your work devices fully functional again with a fast performance. 

Unexpected Email Messages

If you are suddenly receiving email messages from people to that you did not send a message to, or you receive responses to emails that you did not send, then that is an indication that someone else was sending those messages on your behalf and without your knowledge. If this happens, then check out the original notes and see what those black hat hackers want. And allow your information technology professionals in an IT Support Bethlehem PA to determine the cause of the breach and make sure this does not happen again. Of course, the cybercriminals were able to access the email accounts because the cybersecurity is weak. And so, the IT team needs to work harder to make your cybersecurity more powerful so a breach is not possible again. 

Final Say

Information technology professionals are trained to spot compromised emails seamlessly, and they have the tools and resources to strengthen the security of the email accounts of their clients. You simply need to trust that the professionals that you hired are more than capable of managing your cybersecurity well and make sure that the cybercriminals will not get any of your company data through an email breach. There are many security measures that the ITs can install to ensure the protection of your data and email accounts. And the best thing you have done for your company is hire the best IT Support in Bethlehem PA. 

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