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IT Support Ann Arbor Michigan: Signs Of Vulnerable Cyber Security

IT Support Ann Arbor Michigan

IT Support Ann Arbor Michigan professionals are under the management of an IT services company. And they exist to provide the most exceptional cyber security services to their clients. Luckily for you, you have hired the third party IT support for your small business. The thing is, contrary to common beliefs, and the black hat hackers are actually more focused on small businesses as their target for cyber attacks. This is mainly because most small companies do not have the sophistication and resources to protect their network and systems as big corporations can. Small companies do not have extra funds to pay for the best IT support in the world. But as many victimized smaller companies have learned, this is a huge mistake. Spending company funds on the most efficient IT Support for Ann Arbor, Michigan professionals is the best route for small businesses. In fact, hundreds of small companies have lost millions of dollars to the black hat hackers. So your company’s decision to hire information technology professionals is undoubtedly an intelligent move to save your business from cyberattacks and cybercrimes. However, even with a team of ITs in your company, you still need to know the signs of weak and vulnerable cyber security. And in this post, we will talk about the indications of poor cyber security so that the ITs can do something about them, and your company’s network and systems will have better cyber security.
Irregular Cyber Security Assessments
Suppose your cyber security does not have regular and even random risk assessment processes. In that case, it is a sure sign that your company’s cyber security is weak, and the black hat hackers can always search for vulnerabilities that they can absolutely use to exploit your sensitive data. That is why it is highly essential to have the best IT Support Ann Arbor Michigan professionals perform regular as well as random risk assessments and vulnerability tests on your network, systems, and cyber security in general. Once your information technology professionals have a regular schedule in performing vulnerability tests, then your company is safer from the potential cyber attacks.
Lack Of Multi Factor Authentication
In a world where cyber criminals are equipped with the tools and resources to crack passwords and log in credentials, it is absolutely a weakness in your cyber security if you do not practice using multi factor authentication. A single later of authentication is definitely a huge risk for your cyber security. And so all the ITs in the world are always recommending a multi factor authentication for all their clients because this system ensures a multiple levels of authentication that the black hat hackers will have a difficult time cracking.
Bring Your Own Device Practice
Making your employees happy and satisfied is an essential aspect of the productivity of your business. And so you allow your people to bring their personal devices to work and use them for work. However, the IT Support Ann Arbor Michigan professionals are firmly against this practice because getting external devices into the work premises is extremely risky, since the cyber criminals can easily install malware and viruses on the personal devices, and when the devices connect to your company network, the malware and viruses can be triggered and released into your systems. And so it is a good idea to stop allowing your employees to bring their own devices to work and use them inside the offices. Though this new practice will undoubtedly lower the morale of your people, you need to put the cyber security of your company on the top of your priority list.
Outdated Technology
Many cybercrimes happen because the black hat hackers find a vulnerability in the technology used by their target victims. Such weaknesses are in the form of an outdated operating system, out of date software programs and applications, and obsolete firmware. That is why as a small company, you need to have IT Support Ann Arbor, Michigan professionals who are constantly monitoring the new updates of technology and perform the necessary updates on your company computers as they come. Always keep in mind that an outdated technology is a significant vulnerability that the black hat hackers can take advantage of in order to launch their cyber attack.
Low Quality Anti Virus Software Program
Every work computer requires an anti virus software program installed, and even if your devices do have one installed, if the software you used is low quality because you are trying to save money, then that is a clear sign of weak cyber security. Talk to the information technology professionals who are working for your company and ask for a recommendation as to what kind of anti-virus software program is the most suitable for your company computers. Of course, they know best because it is their line of work as IT Support in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
No Employee Training
All your company employees are paid to do specific jobs that they are experts in. It is not their responsibility to take care of your cyber security not it is their duty to fight the black hat hackers. However, as part of your company, they have an obligation to help your cyber security become stronger. And if your employees are not trained about what the cyber criminals can do to your company, then your cyber security is obviously at risk. Take note that human error is the typical culprit of cybercrimes, and your employees have the capability to bring your business down. That’s why you need to train your people about cyber security, so they will have the tools to identify cyber threats and will have the knowledge to know what to do next. When your employees are well aware of what can cyber attacks do to your company, then you can worry less about your network, systems, and data. Thankfully, you have the best experts to train your employees, who are the IT Support Ann Arbor, Michigan professionals.

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