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IT Support Allentown PA: Signs Of Weak Passwords

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The information technology professionals who are delivering the most excellent and reliable IT Support, Allentown PA, always advocate for string passwords for their clients and the employees of the companies that they are hired to protect. Passwords are a hot topic in the IT industry because people don’t seem to learn their lessons and continue to create weak passwords. Why? This is mainly because weak passwords are always easy to remember, and employees do like to take things easy. Easy passwords are effortless to remember, so logging in to online accounts and work devices is no problem. But what millions of people are not learning is that their weak passwords can lead to easy cracking that will allow the black hat hackers to breach the network and systems of your company and then steal your company data. That is primarily why your company needs the help of information technology professionals to train your employees about passwords. And in this post, let us explore the signs of a weak password.
Short Passwords
No matter what the combination is, short passwords are always weak, especially if the passwords are less than eight characters. So it is essential for your employees to modify their passwords and make them longer, like over nine characters, numbers, and special characters.
Contains Name
Employees are always fond of using their names to make new passwords, which is a bad idea. Black hat hackers are expecting people to do this, and so a password with a name is easier to crack. Employees are usually using their first name, last name, or a combination of both. People opt for this kind of password because it is absolutely easier to remember. And because f the simplicity, cyber criminals find it easy to hack as well, which is a sure sign of a weak password. All information technology professionals in an IT Support Allentown PA always advise their clients never to use their names for password purposes.
One Password For All
One of the significant signs of a weak password is when you or your employees use one password only for multiple devices and online accounts. No matter how lengthy or substantial the password is, if it is used for many computers, mobile phones, tablets, email accounts, and social media accounts, then the password is considered weak by the information technology professionals in an IT Support Allentown PA. Employees are doing this because it is hard to remember more than two passwords at once, especially if there are numerous devices and online accounts that employees need to log in to in order to do their jobs on a daily basis.
Absence Of Numbers & Special Characters
String passwords are a perfect combination of upper and lower-case letters, numbers, and special characters. If all of these are not present in one password, then the password is not decisive but relatively weak. And so it is best always to remind your people to use these combinations in creating passwords to avoid using weak passwords that the black hat hackers can easily crack with their hacking tools. The good news is the information technology professionals who are delivering the best IT Support in Allentown, PA, can guide your employees on making the most robust passwords for each device or online account for work purposes.
Following A Pattern
Passwords that follow a pattern are weak passwords. Patterns such as qwerty or 12345 or passwords that follow sequences are no doubt soft and easy to crack, especially with the use of brute force attacks by the cyber criminals. That is why it is crucial to create passwords that do not follow a pattern in any way. Patterned passwords are easier to remember, that is for sure. But they are weak, so you cannot allow your employees to use this kind of password for your company computers and work online accounts. And if you or your employees are having a hard time breaking the usual pattern of password creation, then ask the information technology professionals to help out as they perform their jobs in an IT Support Allentown PA. Once your employees are not using patterned passwords anymore, then your company is much safer from the cyberattacks of the black hat hackers.
Known By Many
Even if the passwords are strong, if there is more than one person who knows about them, then those passwords are weak. No matter how much you trust the people to whom you entrust your passwords, there will always be a risk that others may find out from them, and worse, the black hat hackers may find a way to know your passwords too and use them to access your company devices and online accounts. And so, to prevent a cyberattack from happening, you and your employees must not tell anyone about your passwords and make sure to keep the passwords t yourselves alone. Sharing does not work well, even if they are your family members or closest friends. No matter which way you look at things, the information technology professionals in an IT Support Allentown PA will never agree about password sharing. They know too well what sharing passwords will do, especially when there is a vast cyber risk of a cyberattack.
Superhero Passwords
Everyone has a superhero, and often, employees use their superheroes’ names to create their passwords. There is nothing wrong with having superheroes, but it is not suitable to use them for your work passwords. And so, make sure that you and your people will never create superhero passwords for the sake of your cybersecurity.
Final Say
Passwords are crucial to the success of your company. With strong passwords, cyber criminals will not have it easy to crack your accounts and devices. That is why creating solid and powerful passwords that are not easy to hack is essential. And you can achieve this goal through proper training about passwords that can be delivered by the information technology professionals tasked with working in an IT Support Allentown PA.

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