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Is IT Support Portland Job Dangerous for You?

You probably have watched a lot of movies and you came up with the conclusion that an IT Support Portland job is dangerous. There are many IT professionals who puts their lives at risk in the movies and TV series, regardless if they are black hat hackers, white hat hackers, or grey hat hackers. And truth be told, many IT experts are actually wishing that their lives are as interesting and fun as that is the movies. But reality is, the work of IT support professionals mainly involve facing their computers all day and night, working to keep networks and systems free from cyber attacks that many black hat hackers launch at any time they like to. But of course, the lives of these unsung heroes can also be put at risk for a couple of reasons. And we will discuss those major reasons here.

Working for a shady company

Your job as an IT Support Portland requires you to work for companies that needs IT services, especially those businesses that deals with money transactions. However, it could also be possible that you end up working for a shady company that deals with shady people and conducts illegal business. If you happen to work for this kind of company, then you are definitely putting your life at risk and you could end up in danger. The reason for this is because you would probably be handling the digital transactions in terms of money through online, and you would be asked to use your IT resources and skills to take care of the flow of money online, so detection of illegal activities is avoided. And even if you want to say no, you know that you could be putting your life in danger if you do, so you have no choice but to agree to do the job.

As an IT Support Portland professional you can put your life in danger by working for shady companies and people, so make sure that you double and even triple check the company that is setting their eyes on you as their new IT support specialist who will do dirty online transactions for them. Follow your moral code and stay clear from this kind of companies, but of course before you decline their offer you must find the most plausible reason why you would turn down the job, especially if they promise to pay you much more than the typical IT service specialists are paid for.

However, if you are already in too deep with the shady company, you can still get out by letting the police know about what is going on, and you can be a whistleblower. But you need to understand that this route is also another means of putting your life in danger. Only talk to the cops whom you trust with your life. You need to understand that dirty cops do not only exist in movies, but they are in real life too. And so if you truly want to clear your name and conscience as an IT Support Portland professional, you need to go to the authorities whom you know for a fact are not guilty of being bribed or biased. Your life is on the line, so make sure that you put your faith in people with power who can get you out of the mess you are in.

Stumbling on illegal documents

Your work as an IT support specialist sometimes requires you to practice your hacking skills, because the best way to beat black hat hackers is to think like them. And so when you exercise and practice your hacking skills, you accidentally stumble upon documents that can make or break a case, or documents that are absolutely illegal and can bear witness to a current case or could put people in jail. This may be a farfetched scenario, but if this ever happens to you, you have the choice as a dedicated IT Support Portland professional to turn what you find to the police or concerned parties, or you feel like you value your life more and so you choose to keep quiet about what you have learned.

If this scenario happens to you, you must understand that even reading these documents can put bad people in your tail. The situation gets worst if the people involved found out about you, and you are being chased upon. You must do what you believe is right, and do everything you can to keep yourself safe. And if you have a family or special someone, then make sure that you do not put their lives at risk just because you grew a conscience or you are attacked by your own morality. The easy way is to forget what you saw and leave no trace about you have seen. That will keep you and all the people you love safe. but if you choose to come forward with what you know, then be prepared for your life and lives of the people around you to change drastically. Your career as an IT Support Portland professional could suffer greatly, and you are putting your loved ones at risk of retaliation from the bad parties. So choose your actions wisely, and think of all the people who can get affected by your decision.

Final say

The career path you have chosen as an IT support specialist is not a walk in the park, and it is filled with many challenges that shape your career. The IT industry is generally not dangerous, and it is definitely not a world where physical altercations usually happen. However, if your profession led you to work for shady companies and people, then you are indeed in danger. And so you need to work only for legit companies during legal jobs as a ssdedicated IT Support Portland professional. By going down this road, you stay safe every day without having to look behind your shoulders, and your family is safe.

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