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In-Demand IT Support Portland Professional Jobs

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There are a lot of jobs as IT support Portland professionals, and in this post we will talk about the most in-demand IT professions in the world. It is crucial to know exactly what kind of IT work you want to do in order to choose a career path that is suitable for your skills and needs. By knowing what kind of necessary skills you need to fulfill your ambition in the world, you can better prepare yourself for what you must face so you can become excellent at your job. And since Information Technology offers a wide range of opportunities to enhance your career, then you should concentrate on finding the most suitable job for you.

Software developer

A software develop is tasked to develop, create, and execute new or altered software for existing products or companies. If you choose this career path as an  IT support Portland professional, then your job includes communicating and working together with Development Managers and Business Analysts of your client’s company. It is your responsibility to ensure that nothing goes wrong with the software projects and that the programs meet the requirements in place. Let us look at the responsibilities of a software developer:

  • Researching, drafting, executing, and managing developed software programs.
  • Test and assess the new software and programs.
  • Find areas for enhancement in current programs and create new changes for the betterment of the programs.
  • Write new computer codes, figure out the feasibility of the codes, and ensure quality.
  • Maintain and update current company software and systems, as well as provide training to company employees or new ITs.
  • Coordinate with other software developers, system analysts, and UX designers. 

To be a software developer, you must have a degree in one of the following fields: Computer Science, Computer Software Engineering, Software Programming and Development, Engineering, Mathematics, Electronics, or Physics.

Computer Support Specialists

Another in-demand IT support Portland job is as a Computer Support Specialist. This job is about offering technical help individuals who uses computers for a living. If this is the path that you want to follow, then you must have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems or Business Administration. As a Computer Support Specialist, it is part of your job to:

  • Monitor the daily operation and performance of company computers.
  • Provide technical resolution to computer issues, either physically or remotely.
  • Upgrade and update computers to ensure superior performance of the company computers.
  • Educate company employees on how to resolve simple computer issues.

Cloud Systems Engineer

The main responsibility of the Cloud Systems Engineer is to efficiently monitor and manage the upkeep of the cloud computing systems. If this is the profession you are aiming for, then you must have a background in computer programming, computer hardware, and of course, extensive knowledge about the cloud. A Bachelor’s degree in the IT or Computer Science field or something related is a must. It is your job to determine the possible weaknesses of the cloud systems, check if there is something amiss, find anomalies, and look for potential problems in the cloud. And if you find such vulnerabilities, it is your responsibility to fix them. Your responsibilities as a Cloud Systems Engineer in an IT support Portland company includes:

  • Upgrade the hardware and software systems that are connected directly or indirectly to the cloud computing systems. This is to make sure that all other issues are prevented from happening in order to guarantee optimal performance of the cloud.
  • When data is lost in your client’s company, it is your job to recover those data and restore them so the business can run smoothly and the productivity of the employees are not compromised.
  • You are tasked to upgrade, update, and modify the software and hardware that involves the cloud.

Database Developer

If your dream is to become one of the best Database Developer in the country, then you must have a bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, Applied Mathematics, and other related fields that is connected to computer programming as well as the development of databases. As an IT support Portland for database development, you must have extensive knowledge about PL-SQL, Oracle 9i, and more complex computer software programming. It is your main job to collect the necessary data in order to create or develop a new database to perfection. Here are your main roles:

  • In-charge of the design, assessment, and proper development of database structures.
  • Modify, alter, change, and update existing databases in order to suit the needs and requirements of your clients.
  • Prepare accurate and real time reports regarding the performance and efficiency of the developed database.

IT Manager

An IT Manager is a great job that involves whispering in the ears of the company owners and executives about their cybersecurity. Your responsibility is to provide advice as to how companies should proceed with their technological development and advancement in order to make sure that cyber criminals will not find their way into the networks and systems and bring unfortunate chaos to your client’s businesses. In order to land this job you must have a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology, particularly in the Management side, or other related courses. If you choose this path as an IT support Portland professional, you must garner experience in the fields of website development, database development, computer programming, software development and programming, and other related fields in IT. Your tasks involve:

  • Manage IT staff and preserve the quality of strategies for the information technology for your clients.
  • Provide coaching, assessments, and discipline to IT employees who are given the opportunity to work in the field of IT and cybersecurity.
  • Preserve and protect the work environment and the networks and systems of your clients.


There are many fields of IT that you can work on, but then again you need to choose. The responsibilities of IT support Portland professionals are not easy, but they are not impossible either. You can definitely find contentment and fun in this industry.

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