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White Glove IT Support: Backup & Disaster Recovery

White Glove IT Support

White-Glove IT Support handles all kinds of information technology services, including backup and disaster recovery. It is extremely important to determine how this kind of support works in order to minimize the risk of losing data in cases of natural disasters.
As a business owner, you know too well that no matter how careful you are with your office and cyber system, there is always a risk of natural calamities that can destroy your files, documents, and data storage. Natural disasters like a strong earthquake, flood, fire, tornado, and others can physically damage your offices, destroy your computers, and cause havoc in your company. Aside from natural disasters, there is also the risk of human error, which leads black hat hackers into the network or system and exploits your company data. Additionally, cybercriminals are getting so good at a cyber attack called ransomware, wherein your computers and data are held hostage for ransom by the black hat hackers. And to prevent the complete loss of data, there is a need for the most outstanding White Glove IT Support that focuses on backup and disaster recovery of your data, documents, and files.
Distinction Between The Two Terms
Though the term backup and disaster recovery is phrased together and used as one in reference to IT support, both terms actually have a significant distinction.
What Is Backup
Backup is the act of making a copy or copies of the company data and files and saving those in different locations just in case one is compromised. This process is beneficial, especially if you accidentally deleted an important file from one server. You never have to worry since the data is backed up in another location, and you can always copy it and transfer it back again to the central area. And the best thing is, the most reliable information technology professionals are highly skilled and capable of making backup copies that are not accessible to black hat hackers. And they can do that due to their dedication to providing White Glove IT Support.
What Is Disaster Recovery
Disaster recovery is the plan and procedures that are in place to regain access to lost data seamlessly, software, applications, and resources that are compromised due to a natural disaster, cyber attack, or human error. This kind of support relates to the backup since the disaster recovery strategy and plan will use the backup to recover all the data that are lost or compromised. However, take note that disaster recovery will only happen after an inevitable disaster happens, unlike the backup that occurs before anything terrible happens.
With the disaster recovery program, a company has a security measure in place, and the ITs know precisely what to do in times of a natural disaster or cyber attack. When one system or server is not functional due to ransomware or any form of damage, then the information technology professionals will guide the business on what to do, especially in terms of utilizing other resources in order to continue with the daily company routine and avoid downtime.
Importance Of Backup And Disaster Recovery
And so, an exceptional White Glove IT Support is definitely required when it comes to both backup and disaster recovery. It would be a mistake to solely focus on the backup aspect since the backup data cannot resolve the issue of downtime, nor can the daily schedule of an office continue with only the backup present. It is great to have a backup data, but there is no use for the backup files without a system that works. And so, if there is a disaster going on, a recovery plan is beneficial to have an alternative approach or a second option in using another method to continue with the work schedule. That is why the backup and disaster recovery are both used together in one phrase and integrated into one IT service. Plus, with this powerful kind of support, any business, organization, company, and office in the world can prevent losing too much money from any type of disaster. And through a White Glove IT Support, the black hat hackers cannot start their own disaster or exploit a natural disaster, or capitalize on human error in order to force business owners and company managers to pay up just to get the data back or for the computers to be functional again.
Why Opt For Backup And Disaster Recovery
No business must neglect to hire the best IT support company to perform backup and disaster recovery. Even if a company does their own backup, without the professional expertise of ITs, the backup will surely fail or would be too vulnerable for a cyber attack. Professional ITs know precisely how to backup data to different servers that are only accessible to authorized people only. And in times of a disaster, the information technology experts have the right skills and knowledge to deal with the situation and regain the data.
The thing is, when a White Glove IT Support is part of a company’s payroll, there is less to worry about when it comes to completely losing data and downtime. With a reliable and highly skilled team of ITs working as a third-party vendor for a company or organization, the backup is excellently located in different locations, and the disaster recovery plans are diverse and highly effective. More importantly, instead of the typical days, even weeks of backup and data recovery in an amateur setting, recovery of backup data and daily company routine is restored within hours, or even minutes only. That is why it is vital for any company to hire the best ITs to perform backup and disaster recovery in a white glove manner.
Final Say
Thanks to the backup and disaster recovery IT support, businesses all over the world can rest easy knowing that their data is safe and secure, coupled with a disaster recovery plan to proceed with business as usual. And this is all made possible through White Glove IT Support.

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