Outsourced IT Support: Advantage And Disadvantages

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Outsourced IT Support is a global trend for all businesses, regardless of the industry. It is indeed beneficial support that also comes with drawbacks. Still, the disadvantages can never surpass the good that this kind of support in relation to information technology can do for your company and all businesses in the world. Let us go and check the main advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing your IT needs to a managed services provider or MSP.
Advantages Of Outsourcing IT Needs
Choosing the path of outsourcing your IT needs has many advantages, and in this post, we will talk about the major ones.
Reduced Company Expenses
An in house IT costs a lot of company expenses since you will be paying for the overhead cost, utility bills, medical and health insurance, and bonuses. Plus, the amount of money to purchase all the equipment and acquire all the resources needed to make your IT department fully functional is massive. That is why it is better to engage in an Outsourced IT Support by a reliable managed services provider since it costs less money to do. When you outsource your needs for technical support, you are saving a load of money, which is absolutely good and beneficial for your own business.
Access To Excellent IT Skills
No matter how powerful your company is, if you or your employees are not skilled in information technology, you will never be able to manage your own company’s cyber security. But when you choose to outsource, you gain complete access to the highly skilled and trained information technology professionals who have spent their whole lives acquiring the necessary skills and tricks to survive the IT industry and be the best in their chosen field of career. And so when you indulge in the most efficient Outsourced IT Support, you never have to worry about the right skills to defeat the black hat hackers.
Further Training Handled By MSP
The information technology professionals assigned to do the job in your office are no doubt exceptional in their talents to handle cyber security and all other technical issues. However, they still need to update their knowledge on new technologies am strategies on how to perform their jobs well. And when you outsource, the task to provide training and lesson to the ITs falls on the MSP and not your company. This means that there is less work for you to do, and less headache too, since training the ITs is not easy, and it costs money to enroll them in IT courses in order to update their knowledge and hone their expertise.
Access To IT Resources
Without a doubt, safeguarding your data through cyber security requires tons of resources to do right, and your company does not have the kind of tools and equipment needed to perform this job in house. And so the best route to take is to allow professional ITs to strengthen your cyber security, protect your data, and solidify the defense in your network and system in order to prevent cyber attacks from happening. And you can only make this happen through an Outsourced IT Support by a popular managed services provider.
Defense Against Black Hat Hackers
Black hat hackers are all over the web, and they are constantly poking into the networks of their target victims in order to find a loophole and a small window to launch their cyber attacks. And so, it is extremely important to have a team of information technology professionals to handle your overall cyber security, and this is one of the major benefits of outsourcing your IT needs.
Reduced Downtime
Another major advantage of outsourcing your technical needs to an MSP is the obvious reduction of downtime in your company. As someone who is hands-on with your company’s daily activities, you know well enough the damage that a simple rest can bring to a business. You know that thousands of dollars are lost even for a short downtime, especially if your company has an online store and a website that processes credit card transactions. And so to avoid downtime, an Outsourced IT Support is definitely advantageous to your company.
Disadvantages Of Outsourcing IT Needs
Well, if there are advantages to a certain IT support, there are also disadvantages. Let us find out what they are.
Long-Distance Support
One of the biggest disadvantages of outsourcing is the usual long distance from the offices of the MSP. Most of the time, the managed services provider are in a different state, or even in a foreign country, which leads to the time difference, sometimes language barrier, and lack of physical contact, especially when it is the hardware in your company that is acting up. However, thanks to the remote computer access and the remote system in general for IT support, outsourcing is not a huge problem when it comes to long distances. High tech hardware and software pave the way for technical resolutions despite the physical absence. And besides, mostly all Outsourced IT Support is remotely done, regardless of whether you are neighbors with the MSP or not.
Risk Of Data Leakage
There is always the risk of data leakage to be concerned about when you bring in a team of information technology professionals, especially since these ITs are under the employ of an MSP and not by you. You would need to give complete access to these people, and of course, they are humans, so there is always a possibility of company data leaking to the public. However, you can remedy this risk by letting the ITs sign an NDA or non-disclosure agreement, so they are held responsible for any leakage of data that originates from their team.
Final Say
Now that you know the major advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing your IT needs in the company, you can better decide on what to do that benefits your whole company. Just keep in mind that the good outweighs the drawbacks when it comes to an Outsourced IT Support.

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