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How to Survive a Cyber Attack with IT Support Portland

It is the utmost responsibility of IT support Portland companies to safeguard their client’s networks and system so no cyber threat can ever become real in the companies that they work for. That is why it is crucial to hire the best IT service company that you can find in the country, so you have the support and guidance of the best IT professionals in the industry. Cyber threats are always in the web, threatening to breach networks and systems in any way they could. They send malicious malwares through emails and attachments, hack public Wi-Fi’s where your company employees are freely using the internet without realizing the risks, and more. And so in order to not become the next victim of cyber attacks, you need to make sure that your company can handle the onslaught and be ready for it. Of course, you need the most skilled and capable IT support Portland company to achieve your goals to defeat cyber attacks in your turf. Let us look at a couple of ways that you can better prepare to win against black hat hackers.

Hire the best IT support

Indeed, the first step in cementing the quality of your company’s cybersecurity is to hire the best IT support company in the land. Never settle for cheap packages or inexperienced IT security just for the sake of saving some bucks. Invest in the best even if you need to allocate huge amount of money to avail of the IT services. As a business person, you clearly understand that it is better to spend money on quality services that can save your company from cyber attacks, rather than be lax with your cybersecurity and suffer the worst consequences when black hat hackers successfully breached your network and system.

Regularly change passwords

This advice does seem like an old disc that keeps on repeating itself, but everyone in your company must regularly change passwords in your company computers, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, emails, company website, company social media accounts, and more. Your dedicated IT support Portland can assist in the regular passwords change activities so it is easier for all your employees to comply. You need to understand that this suggestion is as old as technological time, but it works every time. By changing all your company related passwords in a regular basis, you can confuse black hat hackers in their attempt to find any of your passwords. And of course, it is highly recommended never to save passwords on browsers, computer notepads, or anywhere that can be accessed by others either digitally or physically.

Patch up network vulnerabilities

Cyber criminals launch their cyber attacks on their target businesses, and they succeed when they find vulnerabilities in the network that they can exploit and use to enter. And so it is imperative that your new IT support Portland company perform penetration tests on your network to find weaknesses, expose them to your cybersecurity team, and patch them up. If your network’s security is solid and there are no vulnerabilities left, the black hat hackers cannot accomplish their goals to breach your network and compromise your whole company system. They will not be able to steal you sensitive information, jeopardize your business, sell your company data to the highest bidder, make your hardware and data hostages, or profit from their exploits on your company. So it is essential to make sure that your IT support can handle the rigorous and meticulous penetration tests and fix what are needed to be patched up.

Educate your employees

Another method that you can do to fight against cyber criminals is to educate all your employees about cybersecurity. Many employees have the luxury of opening emails that they have no idea contains malwares, so it is best to let everyone in your company know how hackers breach networks. Have your reliable and skilled IT support Portland professionals to handle the awareness program of your employees. When your people have the basic knowledge about malwares and how they reach employee emails, then they can better be prepared to delete those suspicious emails or forward them to the IT support in order to investigate and block future emails of the same caliber and intent.

Update all your company software

Many black hat hackers are able to penetrate networks and systems due to the outdated software of company devices. The moment you or one of your employees declines an update for a certain software, your company becomes at risk of cyber attacks. Software updates are there for a reason, and not going through the process because it kills time is absolutely a big “no no” for all companies. Hackers can piggyback in the old software and bring in malware to your network and system. So make sure that when any or all of the devices in your company are giving notifications or reminders about software update, remember to always choose “yes” for the update. And if you do not want your employees to spend more time with the updates, you can ask your highly recommended IT support Portland team to process the updates instead, so your employees can continue their tasks and be productive for the success of your business.

Upgrade your company device firewalls and anti-virus

One way of ensuring that your company is ready to fight against cyber criminals is to upgrade all the firewalls in your company devices, as well as the anti-virus systems in all your devices. Once your devices are extremely protected coupled with the cybersecurity of your network and system, then the black hat hackers will surely have a hard time hacking your company and cause unfortunate chaos to your precious business. It is crucial to have the best IT support Portland company under your company’s employ in order to better prepare for the cyber fight ahead. And of course by the participation of all your company employees, no cyber attack can accomplish their tasks.

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