How to Sell Your Services as IT Support Portland

As you start your career as a new IT support Portland professional, you need to know exactly how to sell your services to you potential clients. First of all, you need to determine who your target clients are. Do you intend to offer your IT services to individuals, small companies, medium enterprises, large corporations, or the government? You need to consider your experience because most large corporations, and the government, requires extensive experience in the field of cybersecurity and general IT before they consider an applicant. So it would be best if you start with individuals and small companies before you move on to larger markets. But of course, regardless of whom or what your target market is, you need to be very effective in your strategies to market yourself as a new and competent IT support Portland professional.

Why is there a need to market your IT services?

Every IT professional in the world needs to sell what they can offer in order to gain clients. You cannot just sit in your home or in your brand new office and expect clients to come in without even them knowing that you actually exist. You must spread the word of your existence, and what kind of IT services you are prepared to offer. Of course, by marketing your personal brand, you can eventually land clients, and those clients will pour money into your account so you can survive in your chosen career. So make sure that your IT services well to get a lot of clients.

What you need in order to sell your IT services

In your attempt to market and sell your IT services, there are essential things that you need to have in order to be considered as a candidate for your potential client’s new IT support Portland.

IT portfolio

You need to create your own digital and tangible portfolio in order to showcase your talents and skills as an IT professional. Without a portfolio, no individual or company will ever consider you for the job, especially when you do not have experience yet in the field of professional IT security services. Build your own website so you can insert your digital portfolio and your target market can easily check you out. And create a tangible portfolio as well for your face to face meetings with your potential clients.


You may not have official work experience yet, but you certainly have IT professors and bosses when you were an intern who can vouch for your great skills. Use the connections you had when you were still studying to be an exceptional IT professional, and ask for their permission to be your references. You need to tell them first that you are including their names in your resume so they will be prepared for the calls in the near future.

IT security experience

You are fresh in the IT world, but you are probably not a novice IT support Portland service provider. You have had hands on experience in your school days, and you most likely went through the internship process of your chosen IT service company. You can use that little experience as foundation of your skills and capabilities, especially if you have excelled in your internship program.

How to sell your IT services

It is crucial to have plans on how you can sell your IT services to your target clients. Let us look at a few typical methods to achieve success.

Social media

Use your social media accounts to market and sell your skills as an IT professional. Create a business page and make sure that you regularly update your accounts, and link each account to one another. Ask your family and friends to share your posts and invite their friends to like your page, so you can gather more attention from your prospective clients.


You are advertising as an IT support Portland professional, so it just follows that you have your own IT services support website. An IT support without a website is absolutely unheard of, so make sure that show off your IT skills and build a remarkable website that is fast, intuitive, and informative. Use your website as a portal where your target market learns all the things they need to know about what you are offering.

Join forums

Since you are a newbie in the IT service support industry, you should consider joining IT forums both online and physically. In these forums or groups you will meet a lot of people in the IT world, and you can gain insights on how they work to market and sell their IT services. You can even referrals if they are impressed by you. Plus, being acquainted with the veteran ITs allows you to learn the ups and downs of the job, and where to look for clients. You can also pick a thing or two from the IT masters that you can use when you land your clients as IT support Portland professional.

Visit offices of people in charge of companies

Another method of directly selling your IT services is through setting up appointments with the head of companies who are the decision makers regarding IT security for their networks and systems. Bring in your portfolio and a look of confidence and reliability in your meetings, and sell yourself in a truthful manner. Never exaggerate what you can do, because it will only turn out to be a huge disappointment if you cannot walk the talk.

Tips for marketing your IT services

In your quest to market your own IT services, you need to be absolutely confident about your skills and capabilities. Put on a brave face and never let the first “No” discourage you from reaching your goals. Remember that you need to earn a living, and the IT world is definitely not for the faint of heart. So aspire and do your best to be a great IT support Portland.

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